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Last orders for OAP mobility scooter users at Wetherspoon pub

mobility scooter banned by wetherspoons

Teresa and Colin Rabey outside The Potters Wheel in Swansea

A disabled couple are to sacrifice regular Sunday lunch at a Swansea pub after a rule change that means they can’t park their mobility scooters inside Wetherspoons.

Teresa and Colin Rabey have been visiting the Potters Wheel in Kingsway in Swansea since it opened. The pensioners say they have now been informed they cannot park their mobility scooters in their usual place because it is a fire risk hazard and they must now leave them outside the Wetherspoons pub.

Teresa Rabey, aged 68, has osteoporosis, a weak heart and two knee replacements, while her husband, aged 72, suffers from Parkinson’s Disease, a degenerative disease that affects movement.

The couple fear that the mobility scooters, which they “depend” on, could be stolen or vandalised if left outside the pub

Mrs Rabey commented: “I told the manager they were discriminating against us, because prams and other wheelchairs are allowed inside. He said that if we had a normal wheelchair that would be fine, but I can’t push him in a wheelchair because I’ve got heart problems. I was fuming, absolutely fuming. After the meal I had to go and calm myself down.”

Mrs Rabey said she had explained to the pub they had been parking in the same spot for years, but to no avail. She explained: “We depend on our mobility scooters. Colin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s three years ago and has had five strokes, it’s marvellous he’s still here. I had a fall in February and had three clots on the brain so I can’t go far without the scooter. These days I try and live each day as it comes.”

A Wetherspoon spokesman declined to comment on the case of the couple but had previously offered hope for an amicable solution with Mr Morgan.

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