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Llanelli pensioner says mobility scooter users need more support

pat butcherMobility scooter user Pat Winchester feels she is viewed by pedestrians and drivers in Llanelli as a “nuisance and a pest”

The Tir Einon pensioner is hitting out after former Scarlets player Neville Holmes criticised the lack of dropped pavements in the town. Mr Holmes had compiled a list of pavements in the town which it is possible to get on at one end but not off at the other if you are dependant on a mobility scooter. Pat Winchester feels Mr Holmes was right to speak out on the issue and that more needed to be done to support people using mobility scooters. Pat commented: “People don’t realise what an inconvenience it is when there are no dropped kerbs. If there’s no way to get on or off the pavement you are stuck on the road, which some people might not want to do.”

The Llanelli resident, who has relied on her mobilityscooter for nine years, said the other issue is “inconsiderate parking” on dropped kerbs and pavements. She said: “You get people parking over them which is wrong. Or right in the middle of the pavement. If I can’t get past then people with prams can’t either. I really would encourage people to think more.”

Ms Winchester said that over the years people’s lack of patience with mobility scooter users has led to her being shouted at. She added: “People don’t seem to realise we are allowed on the road and the pavement. People have shouted at me before. We are considered the pest of the season. We don’t drive these by choice. If it wasn’t for these we would be stuck indoors. It’s all wrong. More needs to be done to help people who reply on mobility scooters.”

Executive Board Member for the Environment, Councillor Hazel Evans, said: “We would be happy to discuss any issues with members of the public. If the resident would like to contact the council directly with their request for dropped kerbs we can carry out assessments and ascertain if it is feasible.”


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