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Madge Mobility Scooter Mania hits Benidorm

Benidorm is awash with mobility scooters and Town Hall chiefs in Benidorm are restricting the use of mobility scooters, after multiple complaints that they are being misused and abused by stag weekend revellers. As a result, local council officials in Benidorm will be introducing new regulations limiting mobility scooter use to the over 55 age group and the disabled.

The mobility scooters became popular after ITV show “Benidorm” featured flamboyant character Madge and her trusty mobility scooter. Apparently somewhere in the region of 500 people a day now use mobility scooters to travel around Benidorm, many driven by groups of people in fancy dress on stag weekends.

Resort radio host Dave Rowland reports: “I know of at least two occasions where people have driven straight through fixed glass panels while they were drunk, thinking in their impaired state that they were automatic doors. There have also been times when people have got stuck trying to ride on the beach”.

New by-laws will be introduced in Benidorm which will require holidaymakers to present a disability certificate or doctor’s note if they are under 55 and want to rent a mobility scooter. All mobility scooters will have to be registered with the local council and carry an inscription number identifying the rental firm and client. Drink-drive and speeding fines linked to mobility scooter misuse will also be introduced, with penalties for rental firms where holidaymakers fail to pay.

Bar owner Stuart Payne comments: “The TV series didn’t help. It turned the scooters into a craze among Brit tourists. I just hope the idiots that use them for fun never need them”.

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