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Mobility scooter driver causes mayhem in Derby city centre

mobility scooter causes havoc in derbyA mobility scooter rider has been filmed on Derby’s inner road holding up traffic and narrowly avoiding an accident with a bus.

The video shows the scooter rider holding up traffic including a lorry which comes up behind the queue and is forced to come to a crawl. Neil Wheatley filmed from the passenger seat of a car being driven by his wife. He said that two trucks were forced to pull out around the scooter before it went past the A52 junction and down to Pentagon Island.

Neil explained: “The mobility scooter rider went straight over a solid white line and into the path of a bus. He could have quite easily caused a crash with all the vehicles that were having to brake. There was bit of a tailback, too. I want the police to track him down because he’s a danger to himself and others.”

Mr Wheatley 39, of Wiltshire Road, Chaddesden, said he rang police as he and his wife tailed the mobility scooter rider up Nottingham Road. He continued: “He was going through red lights and all sorts. The idea of staying behind him was to stick with him until the police arrived but we couldn’t stay there for too long because we had to go an pick up our little girl from school.”

This all took place just weeks after a similar incident where a mobility scooter was filmed moving along the A601 in Derby ( reported on in an earlier on this blog ).

A police spokesman said officers wanted to trace the mobility scooter rider. He said: “People who use mobility scooters are allowed to drive them on roads for short periods of time. What they should not do is drive on roads for extended periods, in front of buses, lorries and other vehicles, as there is clearly a very serious risk of them coming to harm. It’s important that we speak to the man to advise him of the dangers he may be putting himself or other road users in.”

He added: “With the mobility scooter having no registration plate, it’s difficult for us to identify the man and speak to him about his actions. However we would urge anyone who might recognise him or know someone matching his description to get in touch with us as soon as they can.”

People with information should call Derbyshire police on 101

If you have witnessed similar dangerous driving incidents involving mobility scooters, tell us about it in the Reply Box below.

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