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Mobility scooter drivers need to exercise common sense and caution

A mobility scooter owner, who decided to have a day out in June to pursue his love of photography, became the subject of police photos himself, when a patrol car apprehended him driving on the busy A14 near Cambridge.

Multiple sclerosis sufferer Ian Broughall, 56, from Bar Hill, Cambridgeshire was driving his mobility scooter at 8mph on the edge of the inside lane of the 70mph road. He explained: “I needed to get to town but my carer couldn’t drive me. It was a lovely day so I thought I would ride. It’s not easy to get to Cambridge from Bar Hill, and it was such a nice day I wanted to get out to take some photographs, which is my hobby”.

Concerned motorists driving on the A14 contacted Cambridgeshire Police and although it is not illegal to use a mobility scooter on an A-road, officers pulled him over and gave him some “strong words of advice” about the dangers of driving his mobility scooter along the A14.

Ian Broughall continued: “There’s no hard shoulder on that part of the A14, so I was right on the white line and thought that would be OK. I think the police caused more of a hold-up because they surrounded me with two vehicles to escort me off”. He went on to say that he was “usually very responsible”, but added he was “not stupid” and would find a different route next time he wanted to go out. He added: “Anyway, in the end I had a fantastic day taking some lovely pictures”.

The story luckily had a happy ending, but does raise some serious issues about the need for mobility scooter drivers to exercise common sense and caution when deciding where and when to drive their mobility scooters. Although not illegal to drive on A roads, is it wise to drive a mobility scooter on a busy dual carriageway? A cyclist would think twice about riding on a dangerous road and cyclists and their bicycles are more elevated and visible.

Should mobility scooters be restricted to use on paths and banned from road use? If you are a mobility scooter owner, let us know your thoughts in the reply box below


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