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Mobility scooter owners won’t be dancing on the ceiling!!

Lionel Richie signs a fans mobility scooterThe EU continues to excel with its petty legislation as a new law is about to be enacted making motor insurance compulsory for small powered vehicles such as mobility scooters and lawnmowers!!

All motor-driven vehicles, including those that never leave private land, will be required to be fully covered by insurance under the new EU rules. This will mean owners of engine-powered lawnmowers, golf buggies and mobility scooters will have to get motor insurance, which could cost them up to £100 a year. The move follows a European Court of Justice ruling in a case about a tractor trailer involved in an accident in Slovenia.

John, the owner of Factory Outlet Scooters, comments: “This is another example of petty bureaucracy from Brussels. It’s almost as if they come up with these silly laws on a random basis on the spur of the moment. This ridiculous legislation will drive mobility scooter owners up the wall, although they won’t be ‘dancing on the ceiling’ despite Lionel Richie recently signing a fan’s mobility scooter!!”*

*The reference is to a recent Daily Mirror story about Lionel Richie signing a fan’s mobility scooter as he was leaving the Connaught Hotel in London

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