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Mobility scooter speed restriction clampdown planned in Newbury

speeding mobility scootersNewbury Town Council is set to launch a clampdown on mobility scooter drivers who speed in the town centre.

The council has received complaints about the number of mobility scooters speeding around pedestrians in the busy shopping streets of Newbury, prompting councillors to approve an awareness campaign.

The Share the Space campaign, which will also target cyclists, aims to highlight the dangers of driving mobility scooters too quickly and urges users to select the tortoise setting on their mobility scooter.

Proposals to go ahead with the campaign, which will include the printing and delivering of 5,000 campaign leaflets, have been approved by Newbury Town Council’s planning and highways department. The leaflets state: “Newbury town offers an easy, friendly and accessible welcome to people using mobility equipment and the town’s businesses value their custom. We do receive complaints that some users drive their scooters too quickly in and amongst pedestrians in the town. If you are easily overtaking pedestrians you are going too fast.”

The leaflets go on to ask users not to “dart out of shop doorways, alleyways and lanes” and to keep their speed controller to the low or tortoise setting.

Working group chairwoman, Jo Day, explained: “Occasionally mobility scooters do go too fast. I’ve nearly been mowed down by one, so we thought we would just ask everybody, mobility scooters and cyclists, to slow down a bit. Most are responsible, but like everything else there is a minority.”

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