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Mobility scooter spotted “tootles around’ Derby ring road

mobility scooter derby ring roadA mobility scooter was caught on camera being driven along a busy inner-city ring road.

Motorist Linda Miller captured the dashcam footage on the A601 in Derby on her way home from a shopping trip. Mrs Miller, from Littleover, said she saw the scooter “tootling along” on Tuesday.

While some motorised scooters can legally be driven on roads, a Derbyshire Police spokesman said it was “not really appropriate” for the vehicle to be on the ring road. The ring road has a 40mph speed limit, although of course the mobility scooter was travelling far slower than that.

Linda Miller, a retired phlebotomist, expanded : “We were just driving along coming around Derby where the A6 goes off, on the north side of Derby. I looked sideways and there was this mobility scooter tootling along in the far left-hand lane. It didn’t have a licence plate. It just looked so dangerous. It’s a bit of road where you’ve got a lot of cars coming on, and going off, across five lanes. It’s bad enough when you’re in a car – it’s a horrendous bit of road.”

The Highway Code states mobility scooters with an 8mph (12.9 kph) speed limit can be used on dual carriageways – with a speed limit of under 50 mph (80kmh) – but only if they have a flashing amber beacon.

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