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Mobility scooter “Wacky Races Day” enhances user confidence

mobility scooter wacky racesMobility scooter owners were invited to enter a “Wacky Races Day” funded by the Arbroath COPD Group.

Luckily there were no “Dick Dastardly” tricks as mobility scooter drivers pitted their wits against each other last weekend. The Arbroath Mobility Scooter Wacky Races included activities aimed at giving confidence to both novice and advanced mobility scooter users. The event was organised to publicise how a mobility scooter can positively impact on people who feel “trapped” indoors by disability or age.

The first of its kind in Scotland, it featured learner driving training to all mobility scooter users, “wacky races” and time trials. Whilst the day was primarily aimed at mobility scooter users who may be disabled or elderly, there were also events for children.

Organiser Donald Downie commented that many people who could benefit from owning a scooter are nervous or unsure about trying one and the wacky races was an opportunity to “try one out in a controlled environment with no hazards and even have a go in some fun events on courses designed to instil confidence in mobility scooter users”.

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