Scooters for Disabled

Mobility scooters are designed for people who have difficulty walking or getting around without assistance. Anyone with limited mobility who can drive an electric scooter offers a good level of independence that the person may otherwise not have.

Modern mobility scooters are ideal for the elderly or disabled who want to travel long distances and can easily get on and off the scooter. Many scooters come with tools and accessories such as shopping baskets and holders for walking sticks to make carrying these things more manageable.

Mobility scooters are not available through the NHS, but they are available online for purchase, and you can add any accessories you need to your order. Useful mobility scooter accessories include rain covers, waterproof storage covers, bags,  adjustable seats, shopping baskets and walking aid holders.

Mobility scooters come in two categories: Class two scooters that cannot be used on the road (except where there is no pavement), and Class three, which can be used on the road.

You do not need to register a class two mobility scooter, but you must register a class three scooter. You do not need a driving licence to drive a mobility scooter, but you do need to be over 14 years old to drive a class three scooter.

If you buy a class three mobility scooter, the seller will make you the registered keeper, and you will get a new vehicle log book (V5C) through the post. You don’t need to pay vehicle tax for a class three mobility scooter, but it makes sense to get yourself some insurance to protect yourself from theft and accidental damage.

Who can use a mobility scooter?

Not everyone is eligible to use mobility scooter. Only people with walking problems because of for example injury can drive mobility scooters. You can also drive them because of physical disability or medical condition. Healthy person can only use mobility scooter when they need to take it for maintenance or repair. They could also use for training purposes or when selling for demonstration.

Can you drive a mobility scooter on the road?

Mobility scooters with ‘class 3 invalid carriage’ can only be used on the roads. ‘Class 2 invalid carriages’ can drive on the road only when there is no pavement. Check the latest government guidelines to make sure you are up to date with current rules.

What is minimum age to drive mobility scooter?

‘Class 3 invalid carriage’ can be driven by a person who is minimum 14 years old.

‘Class 3’ mobility scooter requirements if driven on roads

It is required that your mobility scooter has maximum unladen weight of 150kg and a max of 0.85 meters width. The other requirements are similar to what you would expect from a car. You need to have efficient breaks, front and rear lights and reflectors, indicators, horn and a rear view mirror. You might be stopped by police if you do not follow government requirements.

Do I need a license, tax or any other papers to drive mobility scooter on roads?

No, but you would have to register it with DVLA. You would need to complete V44/4 for new vehicles or V55/5 for used ones.

Do I need insurance for mobility scooter?

It is not legal requirement to have an insurance but it is highly recommended for your own piece of mind.

Is there a speed limit for mobility scooters?

Yes, there are. ‘Class 2 invalid carriages’ are allowed to drive with maximum speed of 4mph. ‘Class 3’ are allowed to drive on the roads with maximum speed of 8mph and 4mph off the roads.

Eyesight requirements

There isn’t legal requirement for good eyesight but for your own safety and others it is recommended to have good visibility every time you drive a mobility scooter.

Can I drive on footpaths?

Yes. ‘Class 2’ and ‘Class 3 invalid carriages’ are allowed to be driven on footpaths for pedestrians. However, you are not allowed to drive on cycle paths only.

Factory Outlet Mobility Scooters

In the old days when online sales were non existent factory outlet shops were popular among the buyers with discounted prices. It used to be cheaper to buy from outlet store than a “normal” high street store. Factory outlet stores are usually shops next to the factory, selling the products directly from the factory without spending money on middle man (distribution). They are usually same brand and limited to models available only from this factory. These days with online sales taking bigger and bigger part in shopping, factory outlet stores are no longer that attractive to buyers. Mobility scooters are more often imported from abroad so you wouldn’t be able to find “real” and proper factory outlet store in your area in the UK these days.

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