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No need for the Ark – when you’re two by two on a mobility scooter!!

tandem mobility scooterA double mobility scooter has revolutionised the lives of Walter Mathieson and Karen Downs.

The couple can now get out and about with ease and convenience on their double mobility scooter, whether it be a trip to town or to the Breakthrough Church where they worship on Sundays.

Walter and Karen have known each other since they both attended Homai College for the partially-sighted in Auckland, New Zealand. Miss Downs is totally blind and Mr Mathieson partially-sighted, but he is still permitted to drive a mobility scooter. Walter explains: “I bought it through the internet, from Kiwi Scooters. It’s the first double mobility scooter in Gisborne.”

It has been a godsend for Miss Downs, who was largely housebound until Walter came into her life after they met again at the Blind Foundation.

The couple have been seeing each other for 10 months and recently moved in together. And when they are out and about, they couldn’t be closer on their double mobility scooter!!

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