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Not so “nice to be by the seaside” for mobility scooter users

mobility scooter stuck on rampA pensioner had to be rescued by a group of burly blokes after her mobility scooter got stuck on a zigzagged ramp by the beach.

Mary Maudlin, 74, had driven down Sea Thistle Way, in Jaywick, before reaching the access ramp to get to the beach. As she drove on to the winding path, her mobility scooter became completely wedged on the second corner. Mrs Maudlin said her mobility scooter was just inches too wide to squeeze around the hairpin bend and she could not shift it from the corner herself.

She explained: “I managed to drive up the first part of the ramp okay, but when I turned left up the second part of the ramp, I got wedged around the sharp corner and just couldn’t move the mobility scooter at all It felt like the ramp got narrower the further up I went and once I was stuck, I was able to climb out, but could not move it myself. Luckily for me three or four young men soon came over and helped shunt the mobility scooter to get me to the top of the ramp and on to the sea wall.”

Mary continued: “The first man who helped me was cutting his grass, then the others came over from nearby shops to assist. It is such a heavy mobility scooter and I don’t know what I would have done without their help. I really cannot thank them all enough.”

Mrs Maudlin said luckily she was able to enjoy the beach views from the top of the ramp, but she then had to drive about 300 yards out of her way to use another slope, which was wide enough to drive down. She said: “I want people to be aware of this issue and aware of the dangers it can cause to mobility scooter users who might not be as lucky as I was.”

Mrs Maudlin is now trying to get in contact with the authorities responsible for the ramp to make them aware of the problem – and prevent other mobility scooters becoming stranded.

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