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Police search for gang who fled crime on a get away mobility scooter

burglar getaway on a mobility scooterIn the era of TV series “The Sweeney” in the 1970s, bank robbers escaped in Jaguar Mark II get away cars but in 2016 police are searching for a gang who used a mobility scooter as a getaway vehicle.

The Metropolitan police have released CCTV footage of a bald man driving away on a  mobility scooter after a raid on a pharmacy in Dagenham in East London, escaping with cash from the till. It is believed three other men were also involved in the raid at Kry BA Chemists in May.

The same four robbers are suspected of being involved in another burglary at a cosmetics retail outlet in Dagenham in August. It is not known whether a mobility scooter was used as a get away vehicle on that occasion.

CCTV cameras outside Kry BA Chemists captured the moment when two men used a crowbar to break into the pharmacy. Footage released by the Metropolitan police shows a till being taken out of the shop and handed over to the man on the mobility scooter.

In a statement the Met said that the man was “able to travel quickly away from the store”, although mobility scooters only have a maximum speed of 8mph, limited to 4mph on pavements. It is unlikely that he stuck to the pavement speed limit!!

The getaway driver is described as white, bald, wearing dark clothing and driving a dark mobility scooter Police want to hear from anyone who may recognise any of the four men or witnessed either of the burglaries. Those with information are asked to call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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