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Police using prams & mobility scooters to catch illegal parkers

mobility scooters pram policePolice officers in Hertfordshire have been using prams as parts of a crack-down on motorists who park on pavements.

The buggies will be used to measure whether a car is blocking a pavement. If it is, the car owner will be handed a fine. While under the law it is not illegal to park on pavements, unless it is an HGV, it is against the law to obstruct the pavement with a vehicle.

Sergeant Duncan Wallace, of Hertfordshire Police, commented: ‘My evidence is that there is narrow gap on the pavement and this is a densely populated residential area where footfall is going to be high. That is what the pavement is for.”

The footfall will likely include people on mobility scooters, wheelchairs and they should not be asked to go out into the main carriageway.Footage shows officers armed with the prams trying to squeeze past cars. After testing the pram out and not being able to get it past a van, the police debated whether to hand out a fine or to just give advice to the driver before ultimately deciding to leave a ticket.

Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald, who is heading up the operation, explained: “It is about being sensible. We are trying to find a balance between the need of everyone but what I can’t have is parents and buggies and disabled people being forced into the road and that is why we are using this tool.”

Do you have an issue with obstructed pavements and pathways in your neighbourhood, that prevent you driving your mobility scooter safely? Let us know in the Reply Box below.

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