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Praise for coach driver & passerby’s who stopped to help lady after she fell from her mobility scooter.

The friend of a woman who fell from her mobility scooter on a dark evening on Saturday November 3rd and had an epileptic fit has praised everyone who hurried to her aid.

Amy King, 41, stated that the bus driver pulled over in South Road, Chapel St Leonards to help he friend after he spotted her. He parked his coach in such a way as to prevent other motorists striking her and re route the traffic around the scene whilst passersby s comforted the lady, who doesn’t wish to be named, and an ambulance was called.

Amy said that she was at home when there was a knock at the door and a man told her that her friend’s had an accident when she had swerved around a telegraph pole, caught her tyre and her mobility scooter had toppled off the pavement. A lovely couple brought her a hot water bottle and a blanket & comforted her until the ambulance arrived.

Amy went on to say that her friend was a bit battered and bruised but nothing was broken and she was discharged from hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning. She wanted to thank everyone who had helped her friend and was also keen to point out that the bus driver had stopped to help after there was some conjecture initially on Facebook that the bus had hit her.

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