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Refuse collectors make mobility scooter owners feel like “has bins”

mobility scooter users blocked by wheelie binsResidents were up in arms when the callous actions of council employed dustbin men meant disabled people reliant on their mobility scooters could not leave their homes and therefore were imprisoned.

Grandmother-of-three Johanne Roach took pictures of the bins that had been deliberately knocked over on the pavement in Wythenshawe, Manchester.¬†She explained: “They were literally just flinging them in front of people’s driveways, meaning some cars were blocked in. We have a lot of elderly residents who use mobility scooters and the footpaths were totally blocked for them. One lady was stuck in for a couple of hours. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just set the bins to one side like normal people.”

Dawn Ming, a mother-of-four, commented: “It was completely ridiculous. They are supposed to be public servants coming here and keeping our communities tidy, not wrecking them. We pay our taxes to pay for them so I was stunned when they just laughed it off. I was asking why couldn’t they just leave them upright. All the way down our road was just bins scattered everywhere. They ought to be ashamed.”

Yvonne Leonard, 63, who uses a mobility scooter, added: ‘Their behaviour was disgusting. It’s a disgrace the mess they’ve left behind.’

Contractors arrived later in the afternoon to remove the bins that had been left on the ground.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, executive member for neighbourhoods, stated: ‘We have investigated this unacceptable incident and the staff responsible have been reminded of their duty to show proper consideration for residents in the course of their work. We will always take prompt action if any worker representing the council fails to meet the high standards of customer service expected of them.”

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