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Revolutionary new mobility scooter that can access stairs & escalators

There are new products continually being invented to help the mobility scooter owner. One of the latest inventions will revolutionise  the mobility scooter market, so the future looks very bright for mobility scooter users!!

A company has developed a revolutionary mobility scooter for the handicapped and elderly in need of mobility assistance. The new mobility scooter gives its user complete mobility in places that are not accessible to other mobility scooters, such as stairs, escalators, small elevators, or narrow passages because it can be folded within seconds to the size of a trolley suitcase.

Cognisant of the obstacles handicapped and elderly people face, entrepreneur Nino Ransenberg designed and initiated the development of this unique product after a decade of comprehensive research. The first mobility scooter he has developed weighs 25kg (55lbs) and can travel up to 30km (18.6 miles) without recharging its battery. For ease of storage, the owner can fold the vehicle or dismantle it into two parts. When folded, the user can move around with ease, as you would do with a trolley suitcase at an airport or train station. It also means that the  mobility scooter  will fit neatly into a car boot.

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One Response to “Revolutionary new mobility scooter that can access stairs & escalators”

  1. Hi Nino
    as is always the case with these products they are designed by and for people without mobility problems. This will be a great product with a little re-engineering. The issue is; if one has a mobility problem then pulling a 25Kg machine, as well as coping with shopping/luggage/walking stick etc. is nearly impossible. The machine needs to be able to be pushed in front of the user so that you can lean on it for assistance (like a rollator) so that it continues to give assistance when folded for access to narrow places. Happy to converse more in full

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