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Should mobility scooter users be banned for driving over the alcohol limit, like other drivers?

drunken mobility scooter driverA disabled pensioner has been banned from driving for year for being drunk in charge of his mobility scooter.

However Joe Harvey of Balnacraig Road, Inverness will still be mobile as he does not need a licence to drive a mobility scooter as the ban does not apply to mobility scooters.

Harvey who admitted driving on Telford Street,Inverness in July, 2015 with more than twice the legal alcohol limit in his system also escaped a fine as the Sheriff did not impose a financial penalty.

Harvey, who suffers from a variety of health issues, commented: “It was music to my ears when I discovered I would still be able to drive my mobility scooter. I haven’t had a drink since and have changed my mobility scooter to a much smaller one now so it won’t happen again.”

His defence lawyer, Marc Dickson said: “He does not require a licence to drive the mobility scooter. However he has to observe the Highway Code and road traffic law.”

Banning Harvey for 12 months and imposing no financial penalty, Sheriff Peter Grant-Hutchison stated: “The statutory one year ban has no practical effect but the legislation requires me to impose a disqualification. In these unusual circumstances, there will be no monetary penalty.”

Do you think this legal loophole should be closed and mobility scooter users should serve a ban for driving over the alcohol limit, like other drivers? Let us know in the Reply Box below.

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