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Should mobility scooter users have a mandatory driving test?

Mobility scooter users will be given advice on how to use their vehicles responsibly at a special event at Boscombe, near Bournemouth.

Police Community Support Officers will offer advice to mobility scooter owners at the Sovereign shopping centre, explaining the relevant sections of the Highway Code and handing out leaflets, supporting their presentation.

The event will also cover free, professional mobility scooter servicing and repair, as well as the opportunity to discuss the local health and social care services available to mobility scooter users. Mobility scooters have given thousands of disabled and elderly people in the UK a new lease of life, but with this inevitably has come an increase in accidents involving mobility scooters.

The Highway Code states mobility scooters must never be used on motorways but can be used on unrestricted dual carriageways, although this is not advised. The Highway Code advises mobility scooter riders to drive on the pavement wherever possible at a speed not exceeding 4mph and to give pedestrians priority. If driven on the road, mobility scooter riders should travel in the direction of traffic and take extra care. They are also obliged to follow the same rules about using lights, indicators and horns as other road vehicles.


In view of the obvious dangers on roads and pavements, has the time come for mobility scooter users to be subject to a mandatory driving test like car and motorbike drivers? Let us know your thoughts in the Reply Box below.

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  1. I did voluntary work in my local Shopmobility for over 6 years. As I was involved with training in my previous work, I was asked to develop a training scheme for scooter users. It took around 30 minutes and stressed the dangers of a vehicle in a pedestrian area. A collegue allowed a new customer to use a scooter after signing our form to say she had been trained. She went out of the shop to the local Boots the Chemist, lost control and promptly smashed into and wrecked the perfume counter. It’s a nice idea to have training but would be very hard to organise. The Police aren’t interested – do you know of ANY scooter user who has been told that a 4 mph scooter can only use the road if it’s not possible to use the pavement!

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