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The perils of a lack of dropped kerbs for mobility scooter users

Campaigners who protested in Bournemouth earlier in the year because of the danger to mobility scooter users, posed by the lack of dropped kerbs in the St Leonards area, have won their fight.

Oaktree Park residents who use mobility scooters said it was almost impossible to get onto pavements next to the busy A31 because of the height of the kerbs. Although the Highways Agency acknowledged the problem in the summer, officials said work to address the situation had to be part of a four-year programme. However, new funding from Dorset County Council and the parish council means that a programme of work to install dropped kerbs will begin straight away.

Dorset County Councillor Peter Richardson explained: “The option to wait for possible inclusion in a future maintenance programme by the Highways Agency would put lives unnecessarily at risk and not be acceptable.  I am really pleased the parish council and the county council understood the importance and real urgency of this campaign. Once complete, the residents, who needed better access alongside the very busy A31 highway, can travel in the knowledge they are safer than ever before”.

Do you have a lack of dropped kerbs in your area? Let us know in the Reply Box below. In the meantime here is some advice for mobility scooter drivers who encounter this problem. If you use a route regularly and need dropped kerbs installing, contact the Highways Department of your local council. The Highways Department is there for your benefit. As indicated by the experience in Bournemouth, they may try and fob you off. Installing dropped kerbs is not doing you a favour, it’s part of their remit!!

3 Responses to “The perils of a lack of dropped kerbs for mobility scooter users”

  1. My mum went out on her mobility scooter yesterday and she found there wasnt many dropped down kerbs around Litherland, Liverpool and her scooter had to be lifted onto the pavement.

  2. There is a problem generally in our area of people parking preventing access to kerbs or councils not ensuring kerbs are flush with roads. These problems should be given priority…rate payers unite!

  3. I live in Sandbach (Cheshire East Council) and I am shortly to purchase a mobility scooter. To reach my local Co-op shop I will have to cross four intersections none with any dropped kerbs. This means having to use the roadway and having probably pass parked cars. My local Councillor tells me that the response from the Council is to say the cost of doing the necessary work may go into the budget for 2019/2020, I think this is totally unreasonable. Your comment and advice please? Regards, John Gunning.

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