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Thief on mobility scooter breaks into charity shop and steals … a mobility scooter!!

mobility scooter ramraidA thief rode into town in Barnsley on a mobility scooter and ramraided a mobility shop in the early hours and then rode off on one of the mobility scooters.

Instead of taking a new one the thief rode off on a second hand mobility scooter. Minutes later he was captured on CCTV as he came back for his own mobility scooter and drove off again. The crook smashed into the doors with his mobility scooter and was filmed as he selected another model and drove it out of the shop, leaving £5,000 worth of damage at the shop in Cheapside, Barnsley.

Wendy Smith, the chief executive of charity The Inclusion Zone which runs Barnsley Shop Mobility, explained:”He’s definitely an idiot in so many ways. We’ve got new scooters in our fleet and new scooters for sale but he took a really old one. We’re going to send off the video to You’ve been Framed because we think they will pay for it and we are faced with a bill.”

She continued: “He has a limp so at first we thought he was disabled but then he’s running back down to get his old scooter. There must have been someone else with him because you can’t ride two scooters.”

Despite being an old model replacing the mobility scooter will cost £1,600 and new shop doors will cost £3,000.

Wendy added: “You feel as if you’re being targeted although I hope that’s not the case. We are concerned they will keep coming back.”

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