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Trams and buses to accomodate mobility scooters on Manchester’s Metrolink

There’s an interesting development for mobility scooter owners in Manchester. Greater Manchester transport leaders have asked Metrolink to explore the introduction of a permit scheme to allow some mobility scooters on the tram network.

The move by the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee follows a national report that has at long last issued guidance on how mobility scooters could be safely accommodated on the tram system.

The report by Rica and commissioned by the Department for Transport into the movement of mobility scooters on public transport has identified that, of more than 300 different models of mobility scooter, 22 could be accommodated on buses. Transport for Greater Manchester will now undertake an assessment of the mobility scooters and assess their manoeuvrability on board a tram and on Metrolink’s raised platforms to ensure they are capable of boarding and alighting trams safely.

Peter Cushing, Metrolink Director, explains: “We absolutely understand how this issue has affected how some people can travel but the safety of everyone using the Metrolink network is of paramount importance and the byelaws in place reflect this. There are more than 300 types of mobility scooter available, each with different sizes, weights and turning circles, and 22 have now been deemed to be suitable for use on buses. That means we can now work towards a way of introducing them on to the Metrolink network”.

Hopefully Transport for Greater Manchester will set a precedent that will benefit mobility scooter users throughout the transport systems of towns and cities throughout the UK!!

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