It can be highly frustrating to find your mobility scooter is going slower than normal. Whenever a mobility scooter is not operating at full speed, the most common cause is usually the mobility scooter battery.

If you suspect that your scooter battery is failing, you can do some troubleshooting to find the cause. Firstly, the most obvious thing to check is whether or not your battery is fully charged. It can be easy to forget to charge the battery, but if you know that you have been charging it up, a loose wire could be a fault.

Take a close look at your battery and examine it for any damaged wires or loose connections that may be causing the problem. Sometimes a jolt from hitting a high curb or driving over a pothole can cause battery connections to become loose and not perform correctly.

If you use your mobility scooter daily and your battery is very old, it could be time to replace it with a new one if you cannot locate another cause for its slow speed.

Another common issue could be with your electromagnetic brakes. If you notice that your scooter stops when you lift the throttle, it can mean your brakes are engaging slightly, preventing you from reaching top speed.

Sometimes the cause can be more technical, such as the Throttle Pot not working correctly. Throttle Pot is short for the throttle potentiometer. To test this, you will need a voltmeter to measure the ohms. But if you don’t fancy doing this yourself, it is worth calling in a mobility scooter technical specialist to help you with this.

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