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You can kangaroo on mobility scooters as well as in cars!!

40 years after filming “Skippy The Bush Kangaroo”, Aussie actor Ken James has reprised the role of Mark Hammond. Ken James played the part of Mark Hammond, son of head ranger Matt Hammond (Ed Devereaux) in the 1960s TV series that followed the life of the mischievous kangaroo.

The actor returned to Waratah Park in Sydney, where the original Skippy was filmed, to film a tongue-in-cheek TV ad campaign for a mobility scooter. In the UK, mobility scooter appearances on TV shows are few and far between. In series 18 of “Top Gear”, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond built their own mobility scooters with the inevitable hilarious consequences.

And of course the most famous driver of a mobility scooter on TV is cranky Madge in ITV’s comedy series “Benidorm”. Madge on the mobility scooter, pootling around the swimming pool weaving in and out of the sunbeds, is the centrepiece of the series and is an intrinsic part of the character of Madge.

As time goes on and mobility scooters become even more interwoven into the fabric of UK society, we will see their presence on TV increase. One thing is for sure, if “Last of the Summer Wine” were being made today, Compo and Co would be pursuing their pranks, riding around on mobility scooters!!

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