Ripsar Electric Scooter

Ripsar scooters are not the cheapest on the market but they do provide better performance and quality. There are so many children these days relying on internet enabled devices for enjoyment. Tech savvy devices seem to reign supreme among children and teens, but that does not mean they lack true motivation to get outside. The key ingredient in motivating your children to get into the great outdoors is finding something they can enjoy to do while they are out there. Ripsar Electric Scooters are the answer and if you have yet to invest in one of these impressively designed scooters for your little ones, what are you waiting for.

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Ripsar Blue Electric Scooter

  • 24v Ripsar Blue Kids Electric Scooter featuring height adjustable handlebars, front pneumatic air tyre and chain driven motor
  • Highest specification twist throttle Electric Scoooter in its price range
  • Hand operated rear safety brake, robust metal frame and heavy duty footplate
  • Foldable frame for easy storage and transportation
  • Reaching top speeds of 16Km/hr this product is suitable for ages 8 and above with a maximum user weight of 54Kg

Ripsar Blue Electric Scooter

Innovative design is woven into every Ripsar Blue Electric Scooter produced. These scooters are designed to be available at any time. This version of Ripsar’s famous scooters folds to allow for maximum portability and offers adjustable handlebars along with a kickstand, so kids do not have to leave their scooter simply lying on the ground. The heavy duty footplate offers stability to the rider and the stunning light blue motif gives the Ripsar Blue Electric Scooter an impressive appearance.

Ideal for Kids 8 and Up

Kids from ages 8 and up can enjoy the fun of the Ripsar Blue Electric Scooter. The scooter is designed in both a heavy duty, yet lightweight model, so children of most ages can easily use and control the scooter. Maximum weight capacity for this scooter is up to 54kg, so even some teens can enjoy the riding experience. This scooter charges with a standard household charger system and is able to charge overnight to be ready for action the next day.

Easy to Use Model

Some electric scooters can be a little too complicated for children, but the Ripsar Blue Electric Scooter is designed specifically for kids. Effortless controls affixed to the handlebar system of the scooter offer ease of use on every journey. Speed is regulated by a simple twisting motion of the handlebar and with the hand brake on the same side as the accelerator, children are always able to easily control this device. Complicated mechanisms on most scooters can be left behind when you purchase the Ripsar Blue Electric Scooter for your child.

Fast, But Not Too Fast

Children can sometimes become overwhelmed by electric scooters that travel at incredible speeds and a child given a device they cannot control is a recipe for disaster. Luckily, the Ripsar Blue Electric Scooter is designed for speed, but also optimal control. Top speed for the device is just 16km/ hr. so your child can have hours of fun without worry of the device being too much to handle. As always, when riding an electric scooter, we recommend a safety rated helmet to ensure any injury is kept to a minimum.

Pneumatic Air Tyres for Smooth Ride

The Ripsar Blue Kids Electric Scooter is designed to take your child anywhere they want to go and the 2 pneumatic air tyres available on the scooter offer a smooth ride on multiple surfaces. These tyres are designed to grip the surface being ridden on and adjust to various changes in surfaces with a smooth transitional approach. Other scooters rely on plastic or hard foam wheels, but with the Ripsar Blue Kids Electric Scooter, you can always have a smooth riding experience with an advanced pneumatic air tyre system.

What Do Customers Say?

The Ripsar Blue Kids Electric Scooter has become a true hit with parents and kids alike. Reviews for this scooter have been remarkably high and its ratings show it as a solid 4. Even some of the negative reviews of this scooter merely stated that the battery life could be longer, but most reviewers agree that the design of the Ripsar Blue Kids Electric Scooter is ideal for children above the age of 8. Smooth ride capabilities and a powerful 24V motor system allow for an enjoyable ride every time.

The holidays are fast approaching and if you have yet to find the ideal for your child, consider the Ripsar Blue Kids Electric Scooter. This device remains easy to use, affordable, and among the best electric scooters on the market. The fact that it folds for storage or transport emphasizes it usability among today’s youth, so if you are looking for the ideal gift for your little one that does not involve a screen, the Ripsar Blue Kids Electric Scooter is the scooter for you.

Ripsar R100 Kids Electric Scooter

This is very good electric scooter for kids. It has air tyres with top possible speed of 16km/h. You will also find heavy duty plate and adjustable handlebar. It is a great scooter usable by kids above 8+ years old with maximum weight 54kg. Excellent quality of the scooter throughout.

Ripsar 24V Kids Electric Scooter

This is Ripsar electric scooter with front fitted air tyres and 3 height adjustable handlebar. It is easy to transport and store due to folding mechanism. You would be amazed by robust metal frame and heavy duty footplate with 6 inch pneumatic front tyre. Maximum speed is 16km/h and the scooter is perfect for people above 8 years old no heavier than 54kg.

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