Ripsar Electric Scooter

Ripsar scooters are not the cheapest on the market but they do provide better performance and quality.

Our Score

Ripsar R100 Kids Electric Scooter

This is very good electric scooter for kids. It has air tyres with top possible speed of 16km/h. You will also find heavy duty plate and adjustable handlebar. It is a great scooter usable by kids above 8+ years old with maximum weight 54kg. Excellent quality of the scooter throughout.

Ripsar 24V Kids Electric Scooter

This is Ripsar electric scooter with front fitted air tyres and 3 height adjustable handlebar. It is easy to transport and store due to folding mechanism. You would be amazed by robust metal frame and heavy duty footplate with 6 inch pneumatic front tyre. Maximum speed is 16km/h and the scooter is perfect for people above 8 years old no heavier than 54kg.

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