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Riser Recliner Chairs for the Elderly are very handy when it comes to the comfort and standing up. They help you stand up from the chair by lifting and reclining into correct position.

Mobility can become a significant challenge as we age and if you notice it is difficult to rise from a seated position without help, you might need to invest in a rider riser recliner chair. These chairs assist in moving from a seated position to a standing one to make the process possible even when you are at home alone. If you have been thinking about one of these recliners for yourself or an elderly loved one, the following options are among the best on the market.


With the More4Homes Buckingham Electric Rise Recliner, you can rise to an almost standing position for easy exiting the chair. When getting into the chair, it lowers to a comfortable seated position, but can also further recline to allow the sitter to lay comfortably in the chair. This riser recliner is completely electric, so there is no need to contend with complicated manual controls. The touch of a button can put you into ideal comfort.

Electric Rise Recliner Chair Features

  • Leather
  • Dimensions: 85D x 80W x 103H centimetres
  • Single motor
  • Tripple padded backrest
  • Side pocket


For those who are looking for a more classic piece of furniture for their home décor, the More4Homes Harrogate Fabric Electric Rise recliner is the answer. This classically designed riser recliner features comfortable fabric, so occupants do not have to worry about sticking to leather as they rise from the chair. Beige upholstery works seamlessly with most home décor, so you need not worry about the chair looking out of place in your home.

Harrogate Electric Rise Recliner Features

  • Fabric
  • Dimensions: 86D x 83W x 106H centimetres
  • Single motor mechanism
  • Padded backrest and armrests
  • Two easy-to-assemble sections

More4Homes Postana Dual Motor Electric Riser Recliner Chair

The ultra-padded, super soft More4Homes Postana Dual Motor Electric Riser Recliner is among the most comfortable riser recliner chairs on the market today. It is also one of the more adaptable versions as it has 2 motors. The benefit of a dual motor system is the ability to independently control various aspects of the chair. You can customize your position to fit your exact needs and when it is time to rise from the chair, you can effortlessly rise to an almost standing position.

Dual Motor Rise Recliner Chair Features

  • Fabric
  • Dimensions: 96D x 88W x 106H centimetres
  • Dual motor mechanism
  • Soft padding
  • Side pocket

Henley Riser Recliner Mobility Chair

The Henley Riser Recliner Mobility Chair is designed to do more than just rise to allow you to get out or get into the chair. It provides additional assistance including massage and heat to help you feel better as you relax. This dual motor chair is designed to be your comfort companion with a dual motor system that allows you to customize your seated arrangement. In addition to these incredible features, the chair offers a swivel motion that allows you to rotate as needed. Pure functionality and a constant commitment to the user’s comfort is the basis of this solid back grey riser recliner.

Henley Riser Recliner Mobility Chair Features

  • Dimensions: 81D x 77W x 78H centimetres
  • Dual motor
  • Integrated Heat & Massage function
  • Soft & durable Lisbon Fabric

Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

With some riser recliner chairs, you merely get a few comfort and convenience attributes, but with the power Massage Lift Riser Recliner Chair, you have ultimate comfort at your fingertips. The initial design of the chair is ideal for support and cushion throughout your body and it rises to almost a standing position. However, features on this chair go even further as it provides a heavy duty format and anti skid fabric along with heat and vibration to help you feel your very best. 360 degree rotation help you get the most from the chair and the sturdy composition of this piece of furniture will last for many years to come. Invest in your total comfort and convenience with the Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair.

Power Massage Lift Recliner Chair Features

  • Single motor and heavy duty mechanism
  • Dimension:96(W)x95(D)x100(H) cm ;Seat Area: 55(W)x 47(D) cm

Best Riser Recliner Chairs for elderly

Riser recliner chairs for elderly and disabled patients free you from the confines of simply sitting in a stagnant chair When you need a little extra help getting in or getting out of the furniture, these chairs offer support and convenience to people of all ages. Whether you are looking for a smaller riser recliner or an oversized version for a larger individual, these incredibly well designed chairs fit the bill. Offered in a wide range of fabrics and features to choose from, you can find your ideal comfortable riser recliner chair to support and lift you as you need it.

BTM Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

Total comfort does not have to be oversized in order to be comfortable. The BTM Power Lift Recliner Chair is the ideal solution for those who prefer a smaller format to their power lift recliner. This power recliner rises to the occasion for occupants to easily exit or enter the chair. With the touch of a button, features of this recliner allow you to recline to an almost laying down position when fully reclined. Although it maintains a remarkably low profile, the chair is certainly not uncomfortable. Designers have invested in overstuffed fabrics to allow your body to be enveloped in comfort. Side pockets hold both he remote for the chair and any other necessities you might have while sitting.

BTM Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

  • Dimensions: 95D x 100W x 102H centimetres
  • Silent Motor
  • Vibration Massage & Lumbar Heating
  • Cup Holders and Side Pockets
  • Convenient USB Charging

Power Lift Chair Electric Riser Recliner for Elderly Leather

Beautiful riser recliner chair for elderly made of quality PU leather. Thick back and wider armrest will add extra comfort to this chair. Powerful motor will allow you to stand up easily by lifting the whole chair. It will support up to 125kg. Easy to control and very comfortable chair.

BTM Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

This is heavy duty recliner and lift chair for elderly. Well made and modern design. Smooth adjust and full control mechanism. No need to add any stress to your knees or back. The chair will lift and recline to required position.

Morris Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

Beautiful recliner chair for elderly. Nice design with top quality fabric. The weight limit is 145kg. Very easy to control with 2 buttons.


Leicester Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

This is powerful and equipped with two motors recliner chair for elderly. Nice and soft durable fabric in beautiful design. Comfortable padding and warranty extendable to 5 years.

HOMCOM Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly

This chair is equipped with electric motor for reclining and helping you stand up. Made of quality PU leather. It can lift up to 45 degree and recline to 150 degree for perfect relaxation. Very stylish and modern looking chair.

Best Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs

Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chairs are perfect for people looking for fool control. Because the chairs are equipped with 2 motors you can adjust the position of footrest and backrest independently. It could be very important for users with limited mobility or simply just to enjoy extra comfort. Some of the chairs come with massage and heating option. You can find different colours and patterns. Leather or fabric dual motor riser recliner chairs are available.


Dual Motor Riser Recliner Mobility Lift Chair

Beautiful chair in beige featuring bouquets. You get dual motor control with this riser recliner chair and extendable free 5 years warranty on structural. Very comfy and soft material. Independent back rest and stylish design. Generous cushioning and very durable fabric.

Hainworth Dual Motor Riser Recliner Chair with Heat and Massage

If you are looking for something more than just riser recliner chair this product will definitely grab your attention. Available in different colours and provided with 2 men team for installation in the room of your choice. Very simple to operate via 4 button remote. You can set the footrest and backrest independently. Perfect for people suffering with medical conditions like: MS, Arthritis,Rheumatism, Circulation problems and many other conditions affecting mobility. You also get 8 point vibration massager with this chair. Amazing feature not available with many other chairs at this price. Could it be the best riser recliner chair? We think it is one of the best.

Cavendish Dual Motor Electric Riser Recliner Chair

This chair comes in 3 colours you can choose from. The recliner chair is delivered and installed by 2 men team. Thanks to the 2 independent motors you can set footrest and backrest individually. Perfect for people with limited mobility.

GFA Dual Motor Electric Riser Recliner Chair

Nicely made dual motor electric riser recliner chair in soft fabric covers. Stylish and simplistic but very comfortable.

Barnsley Dual Motor Electric Riser Recliner Chair Fabric

Comfortable and soft material. Easy to operate thanks to 4 button handset. It will rise to almost standing position to help you stand up. The chair has also very comfortable snooze position. Superior comfort provided by padded backrest and armrest. High quality upholster.

Augusta Dual Motor Electric Riser Recliner Chair in soft fabric finish

You have a selection of 2 colours to choose from. The chair comes with extendable up to 5 years free warranty on structural. Independent footrest and backrest controls as a standard. Beautiful floral fabric pattern.

Henley Riser Recliner Mobility Chair, Dual Motor, Heat & Massage

The chairs with 2 motors are much better in helping to achieve this extra comfort when relaxing and snoozing on your chair. This one goes even further. You will find integrated heat and massage function too. Available in two fabric colours: grey or wheat. Possibility to extend warranty to 5 years.

Best Leather Riser Reclining Chairs

Leather is one of the best fabrics for any piece of furniture. Leather lasts for many years when taken care of properly and maintains its beauty over time. This fabric is also more versatile than many upholstery furnishings as it does not hold odors, dander, or pet hair like other fabrics. Leather can also be a great idea for elderly people as it remains easy to clean, so here are the best leather riser recliner chairs for you to choose from.


The luxury a leather chair can bring to a room is simply unparalleled and when you have mobility concerns, finding the right riser recliner can be essential. The More4Homes Madison Electric Rise Recliner is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a stylish riser recliner they can easily match with existing furnishings. The oversized electric recliner effortlessly blends into your home décor while providing an easy to use format for enhanced mobility. This robust, plush riser recliner offers ultimate comfort and durability for elderly patients of all sizes and mobility levels.

Sofa-Collection – Powell Bonded Leather Modern Riser Recliner

Often, riser recliner chair seems to be left in the dark ages of style. Where deep browns and black colors might work well with many home décor options, they do not always comply well with modern amenities. The Sofa Collection Powell Bonded Leather Modern Riser Recliner Chair offers a modern look with ultimate comfort amenities. It remains subdued in its appearance, so it will not stand out among your existing home furnishings. Additionally, this recliner is offered in a range of colors, so you will not have to completely redo your home’s furnishings just to make it look like it belongs.

Angel Mobility Electric Power Riser and Recliner

Comfort is found throughout the Angel Mobility Electric Power Riser Recliner and while using this incredibly well designed chair, you will never worry about an inability to feel independent. This riser recliner always rises to the occasion and can lift occupants to a standing position through a high power motor system. Onboard side pockets conveniently hold the remote for the chair, but are large enough to hold other essentials as well. Whether you choose to recline the chair fully, or opt for a position somewhere in the middle of laying down and sitting, this chair can help you find your perfect comfort level every time. With a width of just 88cm, the chair remains small enough for most spaces, but robust enough for larger patients. The Angel Mobility Electric Power Riser Recliner can do it all and keep you independent in you own home.



For a more modern take on the traditional format of general riser recliner chairs, consider the More4Homes Caesar Electric Recliner Chair. This chair is designed for the king or queen of the home with a truly robust format and onboard cup holders for unbelievable convenience. With an updated leather composition and deep pocketed design, you will be enveloped in luxurious comfort in this ultra comfortable electric leather riser recliner chair. Side pocket hold all your essentials and this model not only comes in black, but brown and cream as well, so it is the ideal solution for anyone seeking ultimate comfort with a modern feel.

BTM Power Lift Chair Electric Riser Recliner Leather

This modern and luxury riser recliner chair is available in 2 colours. Made of high quality PU leather with thick back and wider armrests. The leather is skin friendly and easy to clean. The chair can lift you up to almost standing position. Very useful for older people or for people with mobility issues. Quiet and powerful motor supports up to 125kg. Dual cup holders are great addition to this chair.

BTM Power Lift Chair Electric Recliner in leather

Looking for something more unique and stylish? This riser recliner chair will grab your attention. The chair is composed of high quality PU leather. Cushioned and very easy to clean material. Strong and sturdy recliner chair with 330 pounds limit. Exceptional quality and comfort.


This recliner chair is finished in a deluxe bonded leather upholstery. Provided with a single motor operated by 2 button control. Very easy to use and assemble. Perfect for people needing assistance when standing up.

Best Leather Dual Motor Riser Electric Recliner Chairs

Angel Mobility Winged Electric Power Riser and Recliner Chair

Twin motor functionality is highly prized in the riser recliner world and if you are looking for a way to independently control various aspects of your riser recliner, the Angel Mobility Winged Electric Power Riser Recliner is the ideal solution for you. This chair is designed to conform to virtually any home décor while offering smooth motion for ultimate comfort. The quiet dual motor system allows you to effortlessly recline the chair to any position or rise it to an almost standing form to help you get in and out of your favorite chair. Ultra padded seating offers an always comfortable atmosphere and Angel Mobility is a company known for providing mobility challenged individuals with sturdy, robust riser recliner chairs.

The search for the ideal riser recliner for elderly patients can end with the above options. Each one features different aspects that are important to every individual patient, so carefully weight pros and cons of each to find your ideal riser recliner.

Angel Mobility Winged Electric Power Riser and Recliner

Power lift chairs come in a wide range of stye and the Angel Mobility Winged Electric Power Riser Recliner is styled to fit a range of users. This robust, dual motor chair is able to adjust to your needs with effortless, touch of a button technology. The recliner can recline almost flat and brings patients to a standing position without worry. The leather material offers a non-slip feature while remaining plush and comfortable. When you need ultimate support and comfort, the Angel Mobility Winged Electric Power Riser Recliner will be there for you.

Cavendish dual motor electric riser and recliner chair Leather

The chair would be delivered by 2 man team to your chosen room. This electric riser and recliner chair is provided with dual motor. It means that you can control footrest and backrest separately. Perfect for people with mobility problems or elderly. Side pockets and cup holders are nice addition.

Hainworth Leather Dual Motor riser recliner chair

This chair is available in few colours. The recliner chair is equipped with 2 motors, heating and massage function. Great if you are looking for something more than just a recliner chair. You can operate the chair with 4 button handset. Footrest and backrest can be adjusted independently.

Oakworth Dual motor riser recliner leather mobility chair

The chair is provided with 2 motors so you can control headrest and footrest individually. USB charging point is a nice bonus. High quality material and delivery by 2 man. Installed and supplied to your chosen room.

Montreal Dual Motor Riser Recliner Mobility Chair in Cream Leather

Stylish and simplistic recliner chair in selection of 3 colours. You can control foot and backrest independently thanks to dual motor. Possibility to extend warranty to 5 years.


Available in 3 colours. Thanks to dual motor mechanism you can control sections of the chair independently. The chair will provide you a great comfort thanks to triple padded backrest. Finished in high quality leather supplied with side pockets.

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