Wheelchair Power Packs

Wheelchair power packs are great for upgrading your standard wheelchair. They will help you push the wheelchair by adding extra wheels powered by motor.

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Roma Medical Twin Wheel Wheelchair Power Pack

You can now easily convert your manual wheelchair into electric one with this powerful and reliable Roma Medical Power pack. It has variable speed and reverse functionality. The power pack can be easily removed and it is controlled by attendant not a wheelchair user. The pack is equipped in twin wheels, hand control lever and removable battery. It is suitable to use for users up to 21 stone.

Drive Devilbiss Lightweight Wheelchair Powerstroll

This item weighs only 14kg including battery. It has dual wheel powerstroll for extra stability and performance. It is great to use on a day to day basis especially when wheelchair has to be pushed up hills, ramps or other inclines. It is very easy to install and the battery is removable. It is suitable to use with most wheelchairs but please check the details beforehand.

TGA Duo Wheelchair Powerpack

Very well known brand worldwide with great customer feedback. This is easy to fit powerpack to use for manual wheelchair. Made and designed in the UK. Great warranty and reliability.

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