Wheelchair Power Packs

Wheelchair power packs are great for upgrading your standard wheelchair. They will help you push the wheelchair by adding extra wheels powered by motor.

Not everyone has the ability of option to use a battery powered wheelchair. Some have mobility restrictions that require them to have an attendant push their manual wheelchair from place to place. However, manual wheelchairs are known for getting stuck at times and being difficult to push on rough terrains. If you are among the many that trust their mobility needs to a manual wheelchair, but still love to get out and see the world, consider purchasing one of these incredibly well designed wheelchair power packs.

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Drive Lightweight Dual Wheel PowerStroll

Pushing a person across rough terrain does not have to be a problem any longer when you invest in the Drive Lightweight Dual Wheel PowerStroll with Reverse. This device easily attaches to most manual wheelchairs to provide an extra trust to the controller. Your attendant can do much while pushing the chair, but when it comes time to move over varying terrain, this device helps you do so safely and efficiently.

The Drive Lightweight Dual Wheel PowerStroll with Reverse is small enough to be stored away when not in use, but strong enough to contend with the weight of a 115kg person. At merely 14 grams, the device does not add extra weight to the chair and is ideal for moving through airports, in outdoor locations, or just traveling to unfamiliar areas. You will always be prepared for any terrain with the Drive Lightweight Dual Wheel PowerStroll with Reverse.

The most incredible feature about this wheelchair power pack is the reverse feature. Not every power pack can allow you to back up easily, but the Drive Lightweight Dual Wheel PowerStroll with Reverse is there for you when you are moving forward as well as offering support for when you need to back up for any reason. Easy hand controls allow your attendant to switch from forward to reverse for optimal control.

This seemingly small device is ideal for anyone with a manual wheelchair and on full charge, the Drive Lightweight Dual Wheel PowerStroll with Reverse provides thrust for both 8” PU tyres and can travel at 3mph for up to 10 miles. There is no stopping you when you invest in the Drive Lightweight Dual Wheel PowerStroll with Reverse.

TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack

Sometimes attachments for manual wheelchairs can be difficult to manage and actually attach to the chair, but with the TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack, it takes mere seconds to attach the device and be on your way. The 12V 160W motor allows any wheelchair to travel up to 6km/hr. with a total range of 16 km on a full charge. Maximum weight for the device is 114.5 kg and at just 13 kg, the TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack is easy to take on any journey.

The TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack is made in the UK, so design and durability are built into every single one. The single wheel adds to the lightweight and optimal portability of the powerpack and once installed, the device is controlled via handheld controls that effortlessly attach to the handles of a standard wheelchair.

With the TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack, you can enjoy freedom of movement on virtually any surface. No longer will you and your attendant be tied to just smooth surfaces. You will be able to venture into areas where terrain is uneven, such as cobblestone streets and national parks. The TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack is support for your attendant and its powerful motor can power through any terrain with ease. All you attendant will have to do is guide the chair along the way.

The TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack comes with easy to read instructions on assembling and attaching the device to the chair. It is also fixed with a convenient battery carry pack that both protects the battery and has a handle for easy removal. The TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack is designed to be your constant companion, so it can be easily charged up and kept in your vehicle for when you need it. Find your adventurous spirit once again with the affordable and convenient TGA Solo Wheelchair Powerpack.

Just because you have limited mobility and rely on an attendant for getting around does not mean you should be limited. These amazing devices remain portable and user friendly, so you can go when and where you need to go without restrictions. Wheelchair powerpacks can convert your standard wheelchair into an easy to control and optimal electric wheelchair to help your attendant move you easier and through even the roughest terrain. If you have yet to discover the affordability and versatility of a wheelchair power pack, what are you waiting for. The world is not getting any smaller and just because you have mobility issues should not restrict you from seeing it all. Go for it!

Roma Medical Twin Wheel Wheelchair Power Pack

You can now easily convert your manual wheelchair into electric one with this powerful and reliable Roma Medical Power pack. It has variable speed and reverse functionality. The power pack can be easily removed and it is controlled by attendant not a wheelchair user. The pack is equipped in twin wheels, hand control lever and removable battery. It is suitable to use for users up to 21 stone.

Drive Devilbiss Lightweight Wheelchair Powerstroll

This item weighs only 14kg including battery. It has dual wheel powerstroll for extra stability and performance. It is great to use on a day to day basis especially when wheelchair has to be pushed up hills, ramps or other inclines. It is very easy to install and the battery is removable. It is suitable to use with most wheelchairs but please check the details beforehand.

TGA Duo Wheelchair Powerpack

Very well known brand worldwide with great customer feedback. This is easy to fit powerpack to use for manual wheelchair. Made and designed in the UK. Great warranty and reliability.