Windgoo Electric Scooter

Windgoo electric scooters are great choice for adults and kids. They are modern and well made products with full of features you will love.

Mobility is essential to everyone and when you want a little fun with your mobility needs, Windgoo is the answer. This company specializes in producing some of the most intuitive and well designed scooters on the market. Windgoo designs their scooters for adults, but their easy use format is suitable for teens as well. When you want nothing but the best for your scooter mobility needs, trust Windgoo and these impressively designed electric scooters.

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Windgoo Electric Scooter Adult

This electric scooter may look typical of most brands, but the Windgoo Electric Scooter with LCD Display offers substantially more benefits. This scooter is designed for adults with 8.5 inch solid tire construction. The ride remains comfortable and smooth on multiple surfaces and with a 36V rechargeable battery, you need not worry about how long you spend on your ride.

Solid metal construction provides a remarkably stable ride format and the one step folding mechanism allows you to store the scooter anywhere you need it to be. Keep it in the back of your vehicle or store it under your bed with ease. Whether you are traveling to work, the store, or just running errands around town, the Windgoo Electric Scooter with LCD Display is ideal. Speed is never a problem with this devices as it offers 3 levels of speed control, so you can always maintain your desired speed.

DWD® WindGoo® Electric Scooter

The DWD WindGoo Electric Scooter is designed for the teen or adult who is always on the go. With an onboard headlight and speed capabilities of up to 25 km/hr., you never have to worry about getting where you need to be. This aluminum based scooter remains easy to use on a lightweight frame, so there is no limit to where you can take it. The addition of a dual braking system enables the rider to maintain optimal control at all times making the DWD WindGoo Electric Scooter the best solution for anyone new to riding.

The DWD WindGoo Electric Scooter is powered by a high capacity 250W motor that can carry a full adult up inclines of up to 15 degrees, so traveling around the city is no problem. Charging the device has been updated as well and the DWD WindGoo Electric Scooter can be fully charged in just 4 hours, so no need for overnight charging. A convenient LCD display allows you to keep track of battery life along with various speed capabilities. You will never feel alone when riding on the DWD WindGoo Electric Scooter. It will take you anywhere.


Windgoo M1 Electric Scooter

With the two above scooters primarily aimed at adults, you might think that WindGoo is all about teens and adults. However, the WindGoo M1 Electric Scooter is the perfect example of how this company can adapt their electric scooters to virtually any age group. This scooter houses an easy to use format ideal for any age. With a max speed of 8km/hr., the scooter remains easy to control for kids of all ages and the 50kg weight limit provides plenty of flexibility among age groups.

The lightweight nature of the WindGoo M1 Electric Scooter is designed to weigh just 4.85kg, so it is easy to carry anywhere you want to be. Adjustable handlebars allow a child of any stature to find a comfortable riding position and the onboard LED light provides a safe format for riding even at night. Durability and comfort are built into every part of the WindGoo M1 Electric Scooter and rubberized handles offer a stable way to control the device. The aluminum frame maintains a sturdy, dependable way to ride, so children of all ages will enjoy this impressively designed electric scooter.

Whether you are seeking an adult rated electric scooter or just something for the kids, WindGoo has what you have been looking for. Their strong, dependable scooters last for years to come and offer a shorter time span for charging. You will no longer have to charge your device for a full 8 hours with these scooters. WindGoo electric scooters remain portable enough to take on public transportation, but dependable enough to be your sole mode of transportation as well. There is no limit to what you can accomplish with your WindGoo electric scooter.

Windgoo Electric Scooter (250W)

This scooter is suitable to use by adults and children. It is a great form of transportation to school or office. You can go as fast as 25km/h and up to 15-20km. Powerful 250W motor will get you through 15 degree hills. We love LCD display and 3 speed levels. The other features are: dual brake system, front light, electronic brake on the handlebar and a foot friction rear brake. You will have to glide a short distance using your feet before you can drive it normally. To use cruising you would need to hold the accelerator bar for up to 8 seconds. The scooter is very easy to store or transport because you can fold it. It weights only 12kg and provide support for up to 90kg weight.

Windgoo Electric Scooter (max speed 25km/h)

If you are looking for something unique and super modern this electric scooter will not disappoint. This is B3 model, lighter, better and more powerful. It is equipped with strong 6Ah battery which can provide maximum speed of 25km/h. 350W motor will take you as far as 15-18km distance. Fold-able and extra light are other super benefits of this piece of technology. Made of 100% lightweight aluminium electric scooter can be folded and stored in seconds. You will also find very sophisticated safety features. They are: rear wheel disc brake, LED lights and digital display. We can’t ignore super strong and durable 12-inch wear resistant rubber wheel.

This is top of the range electric scooter suitable to use by adults. It has powerful motor (350W) with 3 speed control with maximum possible speed of 25km/h. The scooter is sturdy and strong, it will hold up to 140kg. You will find unusually strong battery in this scooter (8Ah 36V) which will take you up to 20km distance. It is well made scooter with a lot of high tech features like: smart battery management, die-cast aluminium frame and fork, inflated tyres and shock absorbers. The scooter is a great choice when it comes to commute. It is lightweight and can be easily folded. Safety is taken care of by mechanical braking system an eABS. We also love multi functional LED display screen and cruise control.

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