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Xootz Electric Scooters

The goal of the Xootz company is to promote children getting out and enjoying the great outdoors. There are many ways to encourage children to broaden their horizons beyond their front door, but Xootz has invested in quality built outdoor toys for all ages. Specifically, electric scooters and here are some of their most popular electric scooter models.


Xootz Kids' Element Electric Folding Scooter with LED Light

Affordability matters when it comes to quality children’s toys and devices and the Xootz Kids Element Electric Folding Scooter is one of the more affordable options for parents. It is available in multiple colors to choose from and offers LED light up wheels for a cool affect, but to also help ensure your child can be seen by others while riding. Folding the device is easy as the Xootz Kids Element Electric Folding Scooter comes with collapsible handlebars to help it fold down flat for storage and travel. Top speed for the devices is 8km/hr. and it is driven by a 70W belt driven motor with a range of up to 10km.

Folding Electric Scooter for Adults and Kids

For parents with older teens or adults that just want an electric scooter for their own, the Xoots TY6091 1 – Folding Electric Scooter is ideal. This scooter is rated for kids over 10 years and can travel up to 20 km on a single charge. Battery life for the Xoots TY6091 1 – Folding Electric Scooter allows it to travel continuously for up to 80 minutes with a 24V battery. While riding on the scooter, you can keep an eye on your battery life with the convenient, onboard LED screen. Max weight for the Xoots TY6091 1 – Folding Electric Scooter is 100kg and the aluminum frame remains lightweight and strong throughout the life of the device.

Kid's Evader Electric Scooter for Adults

A 150W Hub Motor and 160mm pneumatic tires help the Xootz TY6092-1 Kid’s Evader Electric Scooter to speed s of up to 15km/hr. Both children and adults can ride on this well designed electric scooter with a weight capacity of up to 100kg. Adjustable handlebars can grow with your child and the foldable nature of the scooter enables you to take it anywhere from the park to more extensive travel. The Xootz TY6092 -1 Kid’s Evader Electric Scooter is rated for riders above the age of 8 and they are assured to have endless hours of fun enjoying the great outdoors with this electric scooter.

Xootz Other Scooters

Xootz Kids BMX Scooter

Finding the right scooter for your child can be difficult, but if you are in search of a scooter that will allow your child to have fun and get exercise, the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter is the ideal solution. This scooter is manual powered and offers plenty of fun for children of all ages.

Xootz Kids BMX Scooter Features

  • Colour: Green
  • Handle height: 84 Centimetres
  • Handlebar type: BMX Scooter
  • 2 wheels
  • Rubber wheels
  • Alloy steel frame

Adjustable Handlebar System

Children are always growing and finding a device that will grow with them is a significantly difficult task. Tech enabled devices tend to run out of their joy as soon as the next upgraded device is available but the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter is a device that will grow with your child. Recommended for ages 6 to 18, your child will have endless fun and enjoy the great outdoors with the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter. This scooter offers a fully adjustable handlebar system that grows as you need it, so you never need worry about them outgrowing the scooter.

Stability When You Need It

Learning to ride a scooter tends to be easier than learning a bike as there are no petals to contend with, but there remains a need for stability. When you child is learning to ride the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter, they remain low to the ground, so if they do happen to fall, they will not fall too far. In addition, the available kick stand provides stability as they are getting on or getting off the device and is also convenient for parking the scooter. The Xootz Kids BMX Scooter provides endless fun and offers substantial stability when your child needs it most.

Designed for Ultimate Style

Some scooters are made to look merely average. The basic design consists or 2 tires, foot pad, brakes, and a handlebar system, but little else. The designers of the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter have gone above and beyond to ensure this device has style built into every aspect. The format for design is based on the BMX bike model, so the handlebar system mimics that look. The color and design are provided through the whole device, so whether your child would prefer the green or black color format, their Xootz Kids BMX Scooter will always look amazing.

An Affordable Scooter

You can spend hundreds on a scooter for your child and that is perfectly fine if you want to do that, but when affordability matters, some scooters are simply out of a comparable price range. The Xootz Kids BMX Scooter is not merely designed to be the ultimate BMX styled scooter, but a remarkably affordable one as well. The Xootz Kids BMX Scooter allows you to purchase one scooter that will last for many years to come and without complicated electrical features, there is no need to upgrade or purchase extra equipment just so your child can continue to enjoy the device. The Xootz Kids BMX Scooter is designed to be affordable and always available for lots of fun.

High Grade Construction

A child’s scooter is not something that is going to remain in pristine condition. Accidents will happen, paint will chip, and tire components may need to be replaced, but the actual frame of the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter is designed to never wear out. High grade steel alloy provides a great and sturdy base for any child up to 50 kg, so you never have to worry about the frame braking or becoming fractured simply due to wear. The Xootz Kids BMX Scooter is designed to offer years of fun without worrying about breakage and the manual format for the scooter means it will always be available for every outing.

Durable Tyres

Onboard the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter you will find 2 pneumatic tyres. The larger one is in the front to provide optimal turnability and the smaller one is in the rear to support the weight of the rider. The rubber pneumatic style tyres provide the smoothest ride possible as they can bounce and conform to the terrain. All that is required for tyre maintenance is the occasional air refill or replacement of the tubes every few years. The Xootz Kids BMX Scooter is designed to be fun and easy to maintain.

Finding the right scooter for you child might seem like a challenge, but when you purchase the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter, you are buying a scooter that will last for many years to come. For active children ages 6 to 18 years, the Xootz Kids BMX Scooter is the best solution for getting them outdoors and off those tech driven devices. Buy yours today.

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