Zinc Electric Scooters

Zinc electric scooters are high quality scooters at the lower range when it comes to pricing. Some models are unisex.

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ZINC Unisex's Eco Plus E-Scooter for adults

It is nice looking electric scooter for adults with maximum weight of 100kg. It is equipped with 8 inch front airblown tyre for extra smooth ride. Maximum speed is 24mph which is perfect for commuting.

ZINC Unisex's Eco Scooter

This is compact and nice electric scooter with maximum speed of 15.5mph. The maximum range is 8 miles and battery charge time only 4 hours. The scooter is also equipped with LCD screen and 3 speed modes.


Zinc Unisex-Youth E4 Red E-Scooter

This is cheap electric scooter for children. It has pressure pad accelerator and can be folded to smaller size for transportation. Maximum speed is 9km/h. You will also find adjustable ride height and anti slip footplate.