Value Added Tax or VAT is levied on goods. It is an additional cost added by a seller and in the UK, it stands at 20%. This means that buying expensive items can be even more costly and that can be a severe let down when consumers are already having to pay for expensive things. VAT is something people have come to expect for their purchases. However, the additional cost can make it impossible for elderly and disabled individuals to procure items they truly need such as mobility scooters.

Thankfully, various programs are available to help elderly or disabled people receive expensive items such as mobility scooters cheaper. The VAT relief for mobility scooters has assisted countless individuals in their mobility scooter purchases and if you or someone you know are in need of a mobility device, here is what you need to know to take full advantage of the VAT relief on mobility scooters.

What is VAT Relief for Mobility Scooters?

VAT relief for mobility scooters is a program introduced by the UK government to help aid in the purchase of essential mobility devices. Chronic ill patients with mobility issues or those with a disability are able to receive the VAT relief for the purchase of a new mobility scooter for their personal use. The 20% reduction offers significant savings and when combined with other government assistance programs or insurance claims, more elderly and disabled people have full access to optimal mobility assistance.

Are Mobility Scooters VAT Exempt?

Yes. Mobility scooters are VAT Exempt. The primary reason for VAT exemption for mobility scooters is linked to the disabled or elderly person’s need for optimal mobility. It can be an exorbitant expense to pay for people to help a disabled person get form place to place during their daily lives and just because someone is disabled or mobility impaired should not lead them to stay home all the time. VAT exemption allows mobility challenged individuals to have more independence without the need for someone always around. VAT exemption applies to all mobility scooters and these products

  • Powerchairs and Wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles
  • Adaptations to Vehicles for Disabilities
  • Adjustable or Medical Rated Beds
  • Bathroom Aids Such as Stools, Chairs, Handles, and Frames for Bathroom Hardware
  • Chair and Stair Lifts
  • Riser Recliners
  • Incontinence Products
  • Hearing Aids and Sound Devices for Disabled People
  • Home Alarm Systems for Adult Care
  • Sight Aids for Disabled People
  • Medical Devices for Rehab
  • Installation of Disability Assistance Products
  • Lease of Motability Vehicles

Do You Pay VAT on Mobility Scooters?

Generally, you have to pay VAT on mobility scooters, but what you will notice on websites that sell these devices is 2 different price points. One is the genera price with VAT already calculated in and one is without VAT. This allows the purchaser to make the right decision for their personal needs. Those that qualify for VAT relief on mobility scooters can opt for that price point while others must pay the VAT markup noted in the other price.

How to Get VAT Relief on Mobility Scooters

VAT exemption is a great option for those with a disability or elderly individuals looking to enhance their mobility. VAT relief on mobility scooters is not an automatic discount. First, the one selling the item has to decide whether to offer VAT relief of not. Generally, most mobility scooter providers do offer this convenient fee reduction as they receive an increase in sales along with government assistance for offering the service. It works like a donation to the elderly and disabled community, so it actually works out for everyone. However, that are some stores that do not offer VAT relief for mobility scooters, so always be sure to know who and where to shop from for your mobility needs.

The second thing you will want to do is to ensure you receive your VAT relief from mobility scooters by applying for the program. This advantage is not simply given to everyone. It is promoted through self declaration, so there is an application you will have to fill out. The store or website you purchase your mobility scooter from will ask for your written declaration to determine if you are eligible for VAT relief on mobility scooters. For those who cannot make the declaration themselves, a physician, parent, guardian, or other representative can make the declaration for the individual.

VAT relief on mobility scooters is a dedicated program to allow relief from VAT on mobility aids for disabled and critically ill patrons. These are people that will have an ongoing need for mobility assistance and with the overall cost of mobility devices on the rise, the 20% reduction in costs is appreciated by those in need. Take the time to examine where you intend on getting your mobility scooter from and ask if they provide VAT relief for mobility scooters before making your final purchase.

Find out more on UK Government Website, click here.

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