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Sunrise Medical Sterling Sapphire 2 (Class 2)

This is beautiful and nicely driven Sapphire 2 mobility scooter with maximum speed 4mph. It can be separate into 4 manageable pieces for easier transportation and storage. You will find LED lights and ergonomic floor panel with extra leg room very practical.

The main feature and benefit of having this mobility scooter is that it is extremely maneuverable indoors or outdoors. You can dismantle it into 4 parts for easier storage and transportation. It is equipped with strong LED lights and ergonomic control panel. The maximum range is 19 miles which is impressive for Class 2 mobility scooter. We like how easy the batteries are handled and movable. Popular and well known Delta bar and extra space for the legs are other benefits of this scooter.

Sunrise Medical Sterling S-Series S425 (Class 3)

This is Class 3 mobility scooter which means you can drive on roads legally with maximum speed of 8mph. It has great battery size (50ah) allowing you to travel far. You will love the lovely metallic colour and strong LED light (front and back). Because of its shape it drives really well and it is very dynamic mobility scooter. It has full comfort too, thanks to luxury seating and adjustable tiller. Delta handle bar and suspension is a standard too.

Sunrise Medical Sterling S-Series S700 (Class 3)

Looking for a great power and amazing range? This beautiful mobility scooter has 75ah battery which will last for up to 55km! It is definitely one of the most powerful and strongest mobility scooters. It can also handle a maximum user weight of up to 160kg. This mobility scooter can easily tackle gradients of up to 10 degree, higher kerbs of up to 100mm and greater obstacles thanks to large tyres (33cm). On your long journeys you will be assured of comfort thanks to 4 wheel suspension, adjustable luxury seating and adjustable tiller. All the controls are in easy rich on a delta bar.

Sunrise Medical Sterling Pearl Mobility Scooter (DISCONTINUED)

The Sterling Pearl combines transportable scooter versatility with the comfort and ease of use you would expect from a larger scooter. The Pearl offers a greater weight capacity and range than most in its class, it comes with split battery pack for easy lifting into the car, which enables you to dismantle the scooter and re-assemble it in just a few seconds. The Sterling Pearl is the bigger brother to the Sterling Little Gem 2, offering larger batteries for extra distance, larger wheels and comfort seat, one to take notice of.

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