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Drive Medical range of mobility scooters is well known on the market for years. There are different types of models available depending on what you need. You can get very compact and lightweight mobility scooter like Megatronn or fully equipped professional scooter from Royale range. Make sure to choose the scooter which will fit into your requirements. Few things are important to check before buying, like: battery, power, weight, range, class, chair comfort, usability etc…

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Drive Medical Envoy Mobility Scooter

This is beautiful and stylish mobility scooter (Class 2) with great range up to 30 miles. Drive Medical scooters are well known for their quality and performance. Because this scooter is class 2 you won’t be able to drive faster than 4mph. Your are also not allowed to drive on roads.

Drive Medical Envoy (Class 2)

  • 30 mile max range
  • 350W motor
  • 50ah battery
  • All round suspension

Drive Medical Envoy 6 (Class 3)

This mobility scooter is a part of Drive Mercury range which provides excellent features normally found on larger and more expensive models. All round suspension system comes as a standard to ensure extra comfort. Apart from that you get upholstered and adjustable Bosun seat. If you need more than that you can upgrade to larger Captains seat. The mobility scooter also comes with adjustable tiller and “delta” steering control. Very useful for long journeys and for people with weaker hands. As a matter of safety scooter is equipped with powerful LED front light. Overall very good mobility scooter with impressive performance and weight capacity of up to 25 stones.

Drive Medical Envoy 6 (Class 3)
  • Top speed of 6mph and range of 30 miles
  • Single rear view mirror
  • Indicators and front LED headlights
  • Powerful 470W motor & batteries Included
  • Seat swivels and slides forwards and backweards

Drive Medical Envoy 8 Plus (Class 3)

This is class 3 mobility scooter so it can be used on roads with maximum speed of 8mph. The recharging system is easy to use and all controls very intuitive. Similar to those you find in cars. The mobility scooter features ample power for climbing hills which can be very useful.

Drive Medical Envoy 8 Plus (Class 3)

  • 30 mile max range
  • 500W motor
  • 50ah battery
  • All round suspension
  • Delta bars and front bumper as standard
  • Indicators and mirror for road use
  • Secondary cable brake

Drive Medical Royale 4 Deluxe (Class 3)

This is top of the range mobility scooter with top speed of 8mph. It has all round suspension and digital dash for user friendly control. Sliding and rotating seat and automatic breaking when steering are standard features. It has beautiful design and comes in 3 colours: black, white and red. The Drive Medical Royale has also large 16″ diameter wheels and 70ah battery for extra range (32 miles).

Drive Medical Royale 4 Plus (Class 3)

  • 32 mile max range
  • Large 16 inches wheels
  • 70ah battery
  • All round suspension
  • Adjusting seat
  • Digital dash

Drive Medical Megatronn

This is futuristic looking mobility scooter with automatic folding in 20 seconds after you press the button. Once folded the scooter is very compact and lightweight (20kg). Can fit into smaller car boots for transportation. Top speed of this beauty is 4mph and maximum range of 6 miles. Comes with protective bag for easier transportation.

Drive Medical Megatronn Automatic

  • Automatic folding
  • Lightweight (20kg)
  • 6 miles range
  • Compact
  • Different colours options

Drive Medical Scout (Class 2)

This is affordable mobility scooter with maximum range of 10 miles. It comes with removable battery pack with easy to carry handle and locking. The seat is very comfortable and can swivel 360°. The vehicle is also equipped with adjustable seat, easy to change panels and adjustable tiller. Top speed of this amazing machine is 4mph.

Drive Medical Scout (Class 2)

  • Automatic electromagnetic brake system
  • Weight capacity 130kg (20st)
  • 10 miles range
  • Comfortable lightweight seat which swivels 360
  • Delta Bars as standard

Drive DeVilbiss Prism 4

Very nice and compact scooter with delta shape steer handle and 360 degree swivel seat. Perfect for storage and transportation. Top range is 10 miles but you can fit another battery and double that range. Beautiful and stylish scooter with comfortable and height adjustable chair. Maximum carry weight is 115kg.

Drive DeVilbiss Prism 4

  • Weight capacity 115kg
  • 10 miles range + extra range with additional battery
  • Comfortable lightweight seat which swivels 360

Drive DeVilbiss Prism Sport

This is sport version of Prism range with 12 miles maximum range and 4mph top speed. You can be sure of comfort with 360 degree swivel chair and angle adjustable flip up armrests. Easy to transport with wireless connectors in the components – lets you dismantle the mobility scooter in seconds. Impressive maximum carry weight of up to 135kg.

Drive DeVilbiss Prism Sport

  • Weight capacity 135kg
  • 12 miles range
  • Comfortable lightweight seat which swivels 360
  • Wireless components connections

Drive DeVilbiss Scout

You will enjoy effortless driving from this mobility scooter thanks to delta bar steering. The body panels of this vehicle can be easily replaced. Comfort is priority too with 360 degree swivel seat, adjustable tiller and flip-up armrests. The mobility scooter is easy to transport and storage because you can remove the seat and fold the tiller. Some other features which cannot be overlooked are: auto electromagnetic brake system, puncture proof tyres and anti roll back system safety device.

Drive DeVilbiss Scout

  • 12 Amp power
  • 130kg max weight
  • Seat which swivels 360 degree
  • 4mph top speed
  • 10 miles range

Drive Medical Sport Rider (Class 3)

Looking for mobility scooter which will look like a motor bike? This mobility scooter will not disappoint you. You can drive this on roads because it is class 3 vehicle. Maximum allowed speed is 8mph on roads and 4mph on pavements. The scooter has comfortable swivel seat and telescopic front suspension. You will also find that the scooter is equipped with adjustable headrest, additional hand brake, adjustable handle bars and armrests. The maximum range is very impressive, you can go as far as 31 miles on one charge. Easy to control and maneuver with maximum weight capacity of 28 stone.

Drive Medical Sport Rider (Class 3)

  • Comfortable rotating sport style seat
  • 31 mile range
  • Max capacity 28 stone (180kg)
  • Throttle lever with automatic safe-braking system
  • Motorbike style

Mercury Neo 4mph Mobility Scooter

This is a great model from Mercury range mobility scooters. You can be sure of excellent features and you have few colours to choose from (Red, Blue, Champagne). The most important aspects of this model is comfort, style, performance and reliability. You get a great range of up to 20 miles on full battery charge (36ah). It can be easily dismantled for transportation. The scooter also provides great power from 350W motor. Rear and front bumpers protects you and front suspension provides great comfort. The mobility scooter is capable of carrying up to 136kg (21 stone).

Drive Medical Prism 4 Mobility Scooter

The Prism 4 is a new addition to the Mercury range, this excellent car boot scooter breaks down into 4 parts in the matter of seconds making it very easy to take with you on our travels. With a range of 10 miles to a full charge and weight capacity of 18 stone what more do you need?

Kite 4 Wheeled Portable Scooter

This is the perfect little machine to use outdoors or indoors. It can carry up to 18 stone user and the range is 10 miles. Great lightweight mobility scooter with possibility to dismantle it for transport or storage.

Drive Medical Prism Sport Mobility Scooter

This beautiful mobility scooter comes with nice list of features and impressive specs. It has a 20ah battery which can drive you up to 15 miles. The mobility scooter is equipped with Swivelling Bosun seat and grey solid tyres. Maximum weight capacity is 21 stone. Nice addition are mud flaps and new tiller head with headlight and LED battery gauge.

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