Mobility Scooter Tyres

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Mobility Scooter Pneumatic Tyres

This is a full set of 4 tyres (2 front and 2 rear) for mobility scooter. Tyre size is: 300-4/260x85. 2 x ribbed tread and 2 x block tread. Hard wearing.

Mobility Scooter Front Tyres 300-4 260 x 85-2

The size of these tyres is: 300-4/260x85. It is set of 2 tyres.

Mobility Scooter Tyre 300x4

Well made and top quality tyre. 260x85 3.00-4 Grey Block Mobility Scooter Tyre 300x4.

Mobility Scooter Tyres 300-4 260 x 85-2 x Rear Tyres

This is set of 2 tyres with size: 300-4/260x85. Hard wearing.

Black Solid Block Innova Mobility Scooter Tyres

This is set of 4 tyres size: 3.00-4 (260x85). High quality tyres designer for mobility scooters with rims of 58mm and less.

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