Mobility Scooter Capes / Ponchos

Large Cape Mobility Scooter

This is high quality Oxford cloth material, eco friendly with smooth and rub resistance surface. It is easy to store and weights only 340g.

Universal Fit Hooded Waterproof Poncho for Mobility Scooter

This is high quality poncho made from Nylon which provides great protection even against the worst weather. It is very lightweight and easy to use. There is a specially designed clear panel on the front to allow full visual over mobility scooter controls and lights.

Universal Wind & Waterproof Poncho for Mobility Scooters

This is made from 100% Nylon which is super light and waterproof. You would be also able to fold it easily just in case the weather change. Clear plastic on the front so you can see the lights and mobility scooter controls.

Waterproof Cape for Mobility Scooter

This is lightweight cape for mobility scooter made of polyester and PVC coating. It has transparent panel so you can see your control panel and the lights are remain visible. The poncho will fit 3 or 4 wheel mobility scooters. Easy to use and store.

Wheelchair Rain Cape

This poncho is suitable to use on mobility scooters too. It is fully lined and gives you protection against rain and wind. There is easy to use zip closure and a drawstring hood.