Mobility Scooter Alarm

Mobility scooter alarms are very simple to use devices. They are cheap too. This extra protection for your mobility scooter will give you piece of mind while you away or leave scooter outside.

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Mobility Scooter alarm security device

This is very easy to use waterproof alarm to fit on your scooter. It has very loud burglar anti theft alarm noise at 113db. You can arm or disarm with a press of a button on your remote control. Good quality and durable will fit any scooter.

Mobility Scooter Wireless Vibration Alarm with Remote

Scooter alarm is very cheap but can be very useful. You don't want your scooter to be stolen? This alarm is super sensitive with 7 level adjustment. Wireless remote has up to 20 meters range. You can very easily install it on any scooter. The alarm itself is waterproof IP55. This is great cheap anti theft deterrent with multi use.

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Mobility Scooter alarm system

This is very effective alarm system suitable to use with scooter. The siren is very loud 120db. It is heavy duty, durable and powerful device for a very good price.

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