Mobility Scooter Alarm

Mobility scooter alarms are very simple to use devices. They are cheap too. This extra protection for your mobility scooter will give you piece of mind while you away or leave scooter outside.

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Link as Disc Brake Lock

This robust disc brake alarm lock is ideal for securing your mobility scooter when left unattended. The disc brake lock is waterproof, so it is perfect when you need to lock up your mobility scooter outdoors when expecting rain showers.

The lock has built-in shock sensors, so the 110db alarm will sound when detecting movements and vibrations. You set the lock by depressing a button for 5 seconds – listen for the alarm beep to notify you it has set. You can unlock the alarm with a key. The lock fits mobility scooters with up to 7mm disc brakes. A handy carry pouch is included for easy storage.

SPGOOD Bike Locks

A good quality heavy duty 1800mm/12mm bicycle lock that is ideal for securing your mobility scooter when not in use. The lock comes in eight colours, so you can choose one to match your scooter.

This lock allows you to set your own five-digit passcode for better security. Measuring 180 cm in length with a 12 mm diameter, this is a sturdy and practical lock with a reinforced zinc alloy core and a protective, waterproof ABS shell cap.

Anti-Theft Motorcycle Mobility Scooter Chain Lock

A sturdy lock for your mobility scooter that is made to give you years of great service. Made from high-quality material, including a copper core and a galvanised coating with non-woven cloth offering excellent waterproof protection.

Ideal for locking up your scooter when left unattended. The lock comes with two keys so that you can keep a spare key safely stored away.

PINS Alarm Brake Disc Lock

A solid and easy to use padlock for your mobility scooter. Made with an alloy aluminium body, this lock is rust-proof and has an IP06 waterproof level. The lock is sealed to prevent rainwater from getting into the lock.

The lock is fitted with a 100db alarm that is loud enough to scare anyone away and draw attention from passers-by. This can give your great peace of mind when needing to leave your mobility scooter unattended.

Diyife Anti-Theft High-Security Chain Lock

Waterproof and robust chain lock for your mobility scooter. The chain lock is made from high strength stainless steel and is rust-proof. The chain is 6 mm thick and is impossible to saw through with blades or other tools.

The chain is covered with wear-resistant cloth for comfortable handling and scratch proofing. The lock is nickel-plated to prevent rust from forming when used in damp conditions.

Via Velo U-Shaped Lock with Cable

A heavy-duty u-shaped lock with a secure cable ideal for locking up your mobility scooter when not in use. This lock is as sturdy and robust as it looks and can quickly act as a visible deterrent for any would-be thieves.

This lock provides you with all-weather protection. The lock has a hexagonal PVC cover that is waterproof and protects the lock from dust and dirt. The u-shaped lock measures 14mm x7.5 inches and comes with a 10mm x 180cm cable.

KINOEE Wireless Alarm

This is a wireless anti-theft alarm for securing your mobility scooter when you need to leave it unattended. The alarm has a loud 113db siren, and you can operate the alarm with a remote control that is included.

A compact alarm that measures 65mm x 45mm, this alarm is waterproof with a PC material shell and safe to use outdoors. The remote control has a distance of up to 20m and can be fixed to your mobility scooter using a double-sided sticker or tied with straps.

Mobility Scooter alarm security device

This is very easy to use waterproof alarm to fit on your scooter. It has very loud burglar anti theft alarm noise at 113db. You can arm or disarm with a press of a button on your remote control. Good quality and durable will fit any scooter.

Mobility Scooter Wireless Vibration Alarm with Remote

Scooter alarm is very cheap but can be very useful. You don't want your scooter to be stolen? This alarm is super sensitive with 7 level adjustment. Wireless remote has up to 20 meters range. You can very easily install it on any scooter. The alarm itself is waterproof IP55. This is great cheap anti theft deterrent with multi use.

Mobility Scooter alarm system

This is very effective alarm system suitable to use with scooter. The siren is very loud 120db. It is heavy duty, durable and powerful device for a very good price.

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