Mobility Scooter Canopy

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Canopy for Vanos Mobility Scooters

This is Sheerlines top quality canopy suitable for Vanos models mobility scooters. It is well made with heat sealed taped seams. 3 colours available to suit your preferences. Good quality zips will allow you to operate it quickly. You could also open a window to get access to pedestrian crossing buttons etc...

Canopy for Rascal Mobility Scooters

Highly rated and top quality mobility scooter canopy for Rascal models including: Rscal 388/888/388XL, Rascal 300 & 305, Rascal 302LE & 309LE / Frontier, Rascal 310, Rascal 325, Rascal 329LE, Rascal 650/450, Rascal 850, Pioneer. Make sure to select appropriate model when ordering.

Canopy for TGA Mobility Scooters

This is top quality mobility scooter canopy made for specific TGA models including: Vita S, Breeze Midi 4, Vita 4, Breeze Midi C, Medion, Mystere, Vita. Well made and highly recommended for unpredictable English weather.

Canopy for Kymco / Shoprider Mobility Scooters

This canopy will fit different models from Kymco and Shoprider mobility scooters including: Maxi L, Midi L, Maxi XL, Midi XL, Maxxer, Midi X, Shoprider Cadiz and Shoprider Granada. All the canopies have heat sealed taped seams. The door can be rolled back and clip out so it doesn't block the way to access the scooter. There is also possibility to make a window which is very helpful when chatting to friends or accessing for example pedestrian crossing button.

Universal Fold-Away Mobility Scooter Canopy

This is light and universal mobility scooter canopy made of aluminum frame. The roof is made of hardwearing waterproof canvas and side windows are clear polypropylene. The front window is perspex. Easy access guarantees zipped door. The whole canopy can be easily folded for storage. There is also Velcro fastening under the frame to prevent water pooling.