Freeride scooters are top quality models with extensive features and spec options. Everybody will find something for himself. Top models are sporty looking, powerful and very comfortable vehicles.

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Freerider LandRanger XL8 4 Wheel Deluxe

This is tough and heavy duty quality mobility scooter suitable for up to 30 stones weight. Wider and longer than other models great for more demanding users. The most distinctive feature of this mobility scooter that it is great to drive on any terrain. Muddy puddles, uneven ground or dirt tracks won’t be a problem for this machine. We love strong battery (74ah) and sturdy double suspension and twin shock absorbers to the rear. You can be sure of the comfort. The vehicle also includes water resistant LCD dashboard, twin mirrors and indicators.

Freerider LandRanger XL8

  • Rough & tough
  • 75ah battery
  • Up to 30 stones weight

Freerider LandRanger S Mobility Scooter

Beautiful and luxury mobility scooter suitable for tougher terrain outdoors. Great shock absorption system and suspension will allow you to drive through dirt tracks comfortably.

Freerider LandRanger S

  • Luxury in the country
  • Smooth even on the rough
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Available in Red and Silver

FreeRider Mayfair 4 Mobility Scooter

We love this mobility scooter. It is lightweight, stylish and has great power engine. It is mid size scooter Class 2. Even thought it is compact mobility scooter it can easily handle weight up to 21 stones. You would be surprise by its range of 25 miles. Very impressing. You get a lot of features in this vehicle, including: front and rear lighting, front and rear indicators and rear view mirror.

FreeRider Mayfair 4 Mobility Scooter

  • Battery: 2x36ah
  • Total Weight: 85kg
  • Range: 25 Miles
  • Max Speed: 4mph
  • Max User Weight: 21 Stone

Freerider FR1 Deluxe (Class 3)

Look at this beauty! This is something more than just a mobility scooter. This is luxury, sporty looking vehicle which will change your day to day live. It is very comfortable and you can be proud to drive it. Thanks to height adjustable tiller it drives like a car. Smoother ride can be achieved by double wishbone front suspension and mono rear suspension. You also get twin mirrors, LED lighting and indicators and LCD dash as standard.

Freerider FR1 Deluxe Class 3

  • Great suspension
  • Maximum comfort
  • Luxury and sporty looking mobility scooter

Freerider Luggie Elite Mobility Scooter

This is upgraded version of standard Luggie model. It provides larger motor, bigger seat, better battery capacity, LED display and armrests. This is great mobility scooter for transportation and storage. It folds compactly and is super light. You can lift it and put it in to your trunk. We love alloy aluminum chassis and adjustable steering height. The seat is very comfortable and you get DC permanent magnet motor for intelligent braking system.

Freerider Luggie Elite Mobility Scooter

  • Range: 13 Miles
  • Maximum weight user: 21 Stones
  • Maximum Speed: 4mph

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