TGA mobility scooters are different than many other models on the market. We like TGA mobility scooters built from aluminium frame. It is lightweight but strong and sturdy material. Some models are very light and compact so if you are looking something to store and transport this might be the right choice.

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TGA Mobility Zest Portable Mobility Scooter

All Zest models are perfect for your journeys around town. They can easily come apart into few pieces which are not that heavy separately. Impressive range distance.

TGA Mobility Zest Mobility Scooter

  • 8 miles range for the Zest, 14 miles for the ZestHD or 18 miles with the ZestPlus
  • weight of up to 21 stone for the Zest or 23 stone with the ZestPlus

TGA Vita Sport Deluxe 4 (Class 3)

This is futuristic looking mobility scooter with great features and power. This is sport version with beautiful 5-spoke polished aluminium wheels and low profie pneumatic tyres. Fully adjustable seat with extra support will take care of your comfort even for longer journeys. It has stunning power with all round suspension. You can go as far as 20 miles on one charge. The mobility scooter will handle user weight of up to 25 stone (160kg).

TGA Vita Sport Deluxe 4

  • Range: 20 miles
  • User weight up to 25 stone (160kg)
  • Long-life LED front and rear lights
  • 5-spoke black and polished aluminium wheels

TGA Mobility Minimo

The main feature of this stunning mobility scooter is its compact design and low weight. It is built from strong and lightweight aluminium frame. This mobility scooter is very easy to store and transport. You can fold it in one single movement. It is lightweight machine but with good enough power providing 10 miles range and up to 18 stone (115kg) user weight. Puncture proof tyres and adjustable tiller are just addition to this modern scooter.

TGA Mobility Minimo

  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Range of up to 10 miles (16km)
  • User weight of up to 18 stone (115kg)
  • Lightweight lithium battery weighing just 6lbs (2.65kg)

TGA Mobility Maximo Plus

This is upgraded version of Minimo model. It is still very compact and easy to transport mobility scooter. You can fold it in one simple movement. It has pneumatic tyres and mono shock suspension. Great to keep you comfortable while driving. The battery will keep you going for 15 miles before you need to charge it again. Suitable for users up to 115kg.

TGA Mobility Maximo Plus

  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Range of up to 15 miles
  • User weight of up to 18 stone (115kg)
  • Low energy LED lights
  • Lightweight lithium battery weighing just 7lbs (3.3kgs)

TGA Breeze S3 Mobility Scooter (Class 3)

This is an ultimate and top class mobility scooter from Breeze collection. It has all-round, full suspension with motorcycle style engineering. It can carry a user of up to 31 stone (200kg). Powerful motor will get you through tough terrain and kerbs. It has amazing 30 miles range on full battery so prepare yourself for long trips.

TGA Breeze S3

  • 8mph top speed
  • Twist Grip Throttle
  • Up to 30 miles range
  • Max weight 31 stone

TGA Buddy Mobility Scooter

This is very lightweight mobility scooter from TGA range. The main feature of this scooter is folding option which is great for transportation and storage. It is extremely well manoeuvrable thanks to 3 wheel drive.

TGA Buddy Mobility Scooter

  • Compact folding design
  • Easily transported and stored
  • Manoeuvrable
  • Simple functional controls

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