Mobility Scooter Accessories


If you are thinking about buying a mobility scooter or already have one you would probably need some extra mobility scooter accessories for it. Some companies sell mobility scooters with some accessories included already but usually you get just a mobility scooter on its own. A lot of people think they do not need anything else for their scooter or simply they think they have everything they need.

Some of the accessories are parts of the mobility scooter which need replacement after some time due to wear and tare or damage. They are often: batteries, tyres or carbon brushes. A lot of other accessories would protect you and your scooter from the English weather. They could be: covers, capes, tiler covers, basket covers and liners etc…

We can’t ignore the fact that mobility scooters are expensive equipment and are often stolen. Protect your scooter with those simple alarm devices for piece of mind. It doesn’t cost a lot and will keep your mobility scooter extra safe.

A lot of people realise that mobility scooter is not the solution on its own for their mobility. They also need other items to help them move around. Those are ramps and thresholds.You don’t need to spend a lot of money on refurbishing your house. Those simple but very effective items will help you straight away.

If you want to expand your capabilities with your mobility scooter you could also buy bags, mobility scooter trailers or mirrors (great for extra safety too). Make sure to check what sizes you need and other features you may need.

Top rated accessories for mobility scooter users this month

Buggy Clips by Baby Uma - Perfect for Mobility Scooters

This simple and cheap item will improve your mobility scooter usage. The hooks are perfect to attach to your scooter securely. The clips will secure your bags for example when you go shopping. Great idea for multiple purposes.

Homecraft Deluxe Scooter Bag

Mobility scooters are great when you are doing your day to day tasks. If you go for example shopping, you need a bag to store your products. The bag is also perfect for other items you may have with you. This bag is high quality, foldable and designed to hold sticks or cratches too.

Mobility scooter accessories for UK weather

We can’t deny it. The English weather is not good for any electrical equipment left outside. It is unpredictable too, so even if you think you checked the weather forecast it will surprise you with some rain or drizzle anyway. It is not only about keeping your mobility scooter dry but also yourself too. If you are away from your home better be prepared. These simple items will keep you dry and your mobility scooter out of the rain too. If you keep your mobility scooter outside the full cover is a must. Constant rain and humidity outside will damage your mobility scooter quickly.

Waterproof Mobility Scooter Covers

This is heavy duty value for money cover for mobility scooters. It is waterproof material with elastic band attached for extra stability. Protects from rain and dust.

Click here for more mobility scooter covers.

Mobility Scooter Rain Cover

Lightweight and very practical mobility scooter poncho. It is machine washable. Easy to store and practical.

Click here for more mobility scooter capes / ponchos.

Mobility Scooter Tiller and Control Panel Covers

Vtarp Mobility scooter tiller and control panel cover is a top quality brand from the british company. It is perfect for small and large mobility scooters. Velcro straps will allow you to secure it properly.

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Mobility Scooter Basket covers and liners

High quality 210 denier fabric to protect your basket content from water. Must have item for any mobility scooter basket. Heavy duty and strong for keeping your items safe and dry.

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Mobility Scooter Seat Cover

This is elasticated and waterproof seat cover for mobility scooters. It is made of strong nylon material with PVC coating. Perfectly designed to fit small and large mobility scooter seats.

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Mobility scooter accessories for extra storage

Mobility scooters are often used to go for shopping. Therefore bags and baskets are very popular accessories usually not included with a scooter. They are very handy inexpensive items not only useful for shopping but also to keep your personal items. Make sure to check the size and how they attach to your scooter before buying.


Mobility Scooter Bags

Looking for ultimate mobility scooter bag? This product won’t disappoint. Deluxe and high quality with the following size: 400 x 450 x 140 mm. You would be happy to read that this bag is waterproof which is ideal to keep your items dry. Flexible storage with good size compartments.

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Mobility scooter accessories to help you move around

A lot of people are worried that they won’t be able to move around freely because of the curbs and obstacles. Ramps and thresholds are great tools which will help you solve those sometimes annoying problems.

Portable Mobility Scooter Ramps

This is a great choice when it comes to mobility scooter ramps. It is available in various sizes depending on your needs (2ft, 3ft or 5ft lengths). The ramp is lightweight made from aluminium. You can easily fold it and transport it elsewhere.

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Mobility Scooter Threshold Ramps

This is a rubber and very durable threshold ramp which can be safely used for mobility scooters. Top quality material which will last for years.

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Mobility scooter accessories / replacement parts

There would come a time when you would need to replace some parts in your mobility scooter. Just like in your car you would need to replace your battery after a few years. Tyres and carbon brushes are also parts which wear and tare quickly.

Mobility Scooter Battery Chargers

This is quality 24V 2A Mobility Scooter charger. Before you buy a charger make sure you know exactly what batteries you used in your scooter. It would depend on specification of the batteries what kind of charger you need. It is the best to also find out what type was the previous charger.

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Mobility Scooter Batteries

SLK is one of the best batteries manufacturer you could find. They provide various sizes and types so make sure you know exactly what kind of battery you need.

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Mobility Scooter Tyres

This is a tyre with the following spec: 260×85 3.00-4 Grey Block Mobility Scooter Tyre 300×4.

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