Mobility Scooter Basket Covers & Liners

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Waterproof liner and cover for Mobility Scooter Front Basket

This is a very simple but practical solution. With the unpredictable weather in the UK you want to be sure everything you keep in your basket stays dry. This cover comes with elasticated cover which holds very well on top of your basket. The bag is grey and made from water resistant nylon with a PVC backing. It fits perfectly small and large baskets.

Waterproof Bag/Liner and Cover for a Mobility Scooter Front Basket

Beautiful and well made mobility scooter basket made from waterproof nylon. Fluorescent top cover.

LTG Mobility Scooter Front Basket Bag Liner & Cover

There is nothing worse than wet items in your basket because of rain. This is waterproof polyester basket cover and liner perfect for protecting your valuables dry. It will fit most mobility scooter baskets, round and square.

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