Mobility Scooter Carbon Brushes

A carbon brush or motor brush is a small but very important part of mobility scooter motor. It conducts electrical current between stationary wires (stator) and the rotating wires (rotor) of a motor. There could be more than just one motor brush so before replacing make sure to check how many you would need.

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Mobility Scooter Carbon Brushes Shoprider Sovereign Deluxe Perreco 6x10x16mm PAIR T9

High quality carbon brushes for mobility scooters including: SMALL SHOPRIDER SOVEREIGN SHOPRIDER DELUXE 4MPH SHOPRIDER PERRERO

Roma Medical Shoprider Traveso Mobility Scooter Carbon Brushes

Pack of 2. ROMA MEDICAL Shoprider Traveso Mobility Scooter CARBON BRUSHES NO 43.

EasyRide Electric Mobility Scooter Pair of Carbon Brushes

These are made of copper and are suitable for EasyRide mobility scooters. The size: 7mm x 11mm x 16mm.

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