Mobility scooters became very popular in last years. Unfortunately even though the prices dropped in recent years they are still remain very expensive vehicles. Not many people can afford them especially when they are on benefits or low pension.

Can I get a free mobility scooter from the NHS?

You are very unlikely to get any free mobility scooter from the NHS. You are more likely to get manual wheelchair or walking aids but not mobility scooter (see NHS info here). You still may struggle to get even manual wheelchair or walking aid. The NHS will assess your situation and decide based on your circumstances.

Can I get a free mobility scooter from a charity?

The most popular option to get free mobility scooter is via Motability Scheme. You would have to meet eligibility requirements. Motability can lease a mobility scooter to you if you meet their requirements. You would need to be recipient of one of the benefits: Disability Living Allowance (higher rate), Personal Independence Payment or Armed Forces Independent Payment or War Pensioners Mobility Supplement. Bear in mind Motability will collect part of your benefit to cover on going rental, repair costs, servicing and insurance. It means the scheme is not absolutely free after all. However it might still be worth checking out.

Other charities:

Can I get a scooter if I don’t receive a disability benefit?

It is still possible to get a free mobility scooter even if you are not a recipient of benefits. It is however very difficult and unlikely. Part payment would be needed if application is approved. You could try different charities and schemes for funding.

Other options

If you can’t afford to pay for the mobility scooter straight away you could consider finance payment or short term loan. Make sure you can afford the installments and check the total amount to pay if loan is taken. You can also benefit from using 0% credit cards for purchases made during initial period (usually 6-12 months).

Cheap mobility scooter with monthly installments option

  • 3 wheel mobility scooter
  • 3.6mph max speed
  • 12.4 mile range
  • electromagnetic brakes
  • supports up to 120kg (19 stone) weight
  • easy to manage
  • easy setup

Finally you could still get very cheap mobility scooter when you consider used one. There are many offers available from people who no longer need their scooter. Make sure to check the details of the offer and look for any faults. It is always good idea to test it before buying.



Mobility scooters are considered as luxury item by NHS so it is very unlikely you would get one from the NHS. It clearly states on NHS website that free mobility scooters are not provided. The only option to get free mobility scooter is to get it from charity scheme. Otherwise you are left with second hand mobility scooters or some kind of finance option.

Mobility scooter doesn’t have to be expensive. We put together a few quality cheap mobility scooters under £1000. You can see them here.

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