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If you are disabled or have a long term medical condition you are eligible for VAT relief saving you 20% .


Please note that the product will go in your basket with VAT but will be removed when you select VAT relief on step 2 of the checkout process when entering billing details.


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Shoprider Cadiz Mobility Scooter -70%

Shoprider Cadiz Mobility Scooter

SPECIAL CRAZY PRICE ON THIS SCOOTER NOW ON LIMITED TIME. The Shoprider Cadiz is with out a shadow of..

£4,295.00 £1,295.00 Inc VAT £1,554.00

Shoprider Cordoba Mobility Scooter -55%

Shoprider Cordoba Mobility Scooter


£4,295.00 £1,950.00 Inc VAT £2,340.00

Shoprider Deluxe Mobility Scooter -58%

Shoprider Deluxe Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider Deluxe is the larger version of the Shoprider Sovereign with a bit more room for your ..

£2,999.00 £1,245.00 Inc VAT £1,494.00

Shoprider Grande Mobility Scooter -59%

Shoprider Grande Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider Grande is a powerful 6-8 Mph Scooter that possesses a 50 A/H allowing you travel up to..

£3,499.00 £1,429.00 Inc VAT £1,714.80

Shoprider Lugano Power Chair -47%

Shoprider Lugano Power Chair

Features Maximum speed of 4mph 25 miles range Captain button padded sea..

£3,599.00 £1,895.00 Inc VAT £2,274.00

Shoprider Lyon Mobility Scooter -63%

Shoprider Lyon Mobility Scooter

The New Shoprider scooter the Lyon is a good all round scooter that will give you everything you sre..

£2,495.00 £925.00 Inc VAT £1,110.00

Shoprider Malaga Power Chair -45%

Shoprider Malaga Power Chair

Features Maximum speed of 6mph 16 miles range Captains, button padded s..

£2,799.00 £1,550.00 Inc VAT £1,860.00

Shoprider Marbella Power Chair -42%

Shoprider Marbella Power Chair

Features Maximum speed of 4mph 25 miles range Rear wheel drive powerchair ..

£2,450.00 £1,425.00 Inc VAT £1,710.00

Shoprider Paris Mobility Scooter -71%

Shoprider Paris Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider Paris is an excellant car boot scooter which has the benefit of 16 miles to a full cha..

£2,795.00 £815.00 Inc VAT £978.00

Shoprider Perrero Mobility Scooter -58%

Shoprider Perrero Mobility Scooter

The Shoprider Perrero is a 6mph scooter, it is very stylish and compact also with a very impression ..

£2,995.00 £1,259.00 Inc VAT £1,510.80

Shoprider Sena Power Chair -42%

Shoprider Sena Power Chair

Features Maximum speed of 4mph 15 miles range Captains, button padded s..

£2,399.00 £1,395.00 Inc VAT £1,674.00

Shoprider Torino Mobility Scooter -44%

Shoprider Torino Mobility Scooter

The Torino scooter was designed in response to many requests from persons who are larger in statue t..

£3,395.00 £1,899.00 Inc VAT £2,278.80

Shoprider Traveso Mobility Scooter -30%

Shoprider Traveso Mobility Scooter

 LIMITED STOCK  AT THIS PRICE  NOW ONLY £4899.00 This Shoprider Traveso looks li..

£6,995.00 £4,899.00 Inc VAT £5,878.80

Shoprider Valencia Mobility Scooter -67%

Shoprider Valencia Mobility Scooter

ONE LEFT AT THE CRAZY PRICE ONE LEFT. The NEW Shoprider Valencia is the latest of the Shoprider scoo..

£3,295.00 £1,090.00 Inc VAT £1,308.00

Shoprider Vienna Power Chair -47%

Shoprider Vienna Power Chair

Features Maximum speed of 4mph 20 miles range Easily dismantled for easy transportation..

£1,995.00 £1,050.00 Inc VAT £1,260.00

Shoprider Mikra Mobility Scooter -74%

Shoprider Mikra Mobility Scooter

the Shoprider Mikra is packed full of features making it a versatile and practical Travel Mobility S..

£2,495.00 £645.00 Inc VAT £774.00