Invacare mobility scooters are modern and very practical. They provide a lot of top class and high quality features, helpful for safety and smooth driving. They are in medium size range but are very powerful and practical.

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Invacare Leo 4 Wheels Electric Scooter

Nice and modern looking mobility scooter for demanding users. Great leg space, adjustable seat and steering column, brake switching on the first brake lights stop automatically.

Invacare Leo 4 Wheels Electric Scooter

  • top speed 4mph
  • 20 miles top range
  • Max weight is 136kg (21 stones)

Invacare Leo Mini

This is nicely looking mobility scooter with great safety features. We like the high standard of the design and quality materials. You can be sure of smooth and easy driving with intelligent lighting package to help you keep driving safely. Sturdy and simple to maneuver this mobility scooter is a great choice to help you move around your town.

Invacare Leo Mini

  • Safe Powerful Drive
  • Seat Suspension
  • Max speed: 4mph
  • Infinate Tiller Movement
  • Comfort Seating
  • Two-step disengaging lever

Invacare Colibri Mobility Scooter

This is strong and sturdy mobility scooter capable of carrying up to 136kg. Maximum range is up to 16km and power motor is 200W. The scooter is very compact, it can be dismantled and transported in your car trunk.

Invacare Colibri Mobility Scooter

  • Maximum weight: 136kg
  • Power 200W
  • 16km range

Invacare Accessories

If you already own one of the Invacare mobility scooters you may be interested in getting some accessories or replacement parts. Check the list below to find suitable product for your needs.

Sheerlines Canopy for Invacare Mobility Scooters

We all know how unpredictable weather could be in the UK. The canopy is a great choice when it comes to rainy days. This particular canopy is made by Sheerlines with heat sealed taped seams. You have few colours available including: black, red and blue. You would be able to roll back the door and clip it out so it doesn't come in your way. You also have a second zip pull which creates a window. Very helpful when you want to talk to someone or simply press the button on pedestrian crossing.

12V 40AH battery for mobility scooters

Before buying this battery make sure it has exact specification as you need. This is Ultramax NPG40-12, 12v 40Ah Sealed GEL - AGM - VRLA Battery. DIMENSIONS: L 197mm x W 165mm x H 170mm including terminals. This is gel type battery which usually last a bit longer than standard batteries. Weight: 13 kg each.

24v 8AMP Mobility Scooter Battery Charger

This is 8 Amp Smart High Frequency Pulse Charger perfect for 45ah - 85ah sealed lead-acid, Silica GEL or AGM battery types.