Electric Scooter Helmets

Electric scooters have become an essential tool for commuters, kids and are now used as a way of transport in cities and towns around the world. These units have evolved over time and are now faster and more efficient than ever before. That means those who have concerns can get around confidently and faster than ever before, but safety is the key ingredient when operating any e-scooter, including mobility scooter. These helmets will ensure you remain safe at all times even at fast speeds. Helmets are highly recommended for people using mobility scooters especially when driving on roads.

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UK Electric Scooter Helmet Law

With electric scooters growing in popularity, concerns are being raised over the rider’s safety and whether or not it should be compulsory to wear a helmet while riding an e-scooter. Under UK law, it is permitted to ride an electric scooter on private land as long as you have the landowner’s permission. It is expected that new regulations will eventually bring the rules around riding e-scooters in line with the EU and Ireland, where it is legal to ride e-scooters on public roads. There are current e-scooters trial schemes running in London, but the Metropolitan Police advise all riders to wear a suitable helmet for safety. Several other cities also take part in e-scooter hire schemes, all recommending that safety helmets be worn.

Do you need a helmet for an electric scooter?

In a newspaper report, a representative from the Metropolitan Police stated on the subject, “All riders should wear a helmet, and younger riders particularly would benefit from additional protective clothing such as knee and elbow pads to minimise injury should you come off.”

It makes sense to want to protect e-scooters riders with a helmet in much the same way that bike helmets are heavily promoted for the same reason. Bike helmets have saved countless lives and reduced the risk of injury from falls, so the same can be said for wearing a scooter helmet.

Best Helmets for Electric Scooters

Electric Scooter Helmet with Visor

Cranial safety is essential, but comfort is key as well and the Westt Escape Electric Scooter Helmet with Visor allows your head to be comfortable while you ride. The adjustable chin strap helps you achieve the perfect security level for the helmet and the high grade, lightweight materials used for this helmet help you use it for multiple sports activities such as BMX, skateboarding, rollerblading and more. The Westt Escape Electric Scooter Helmet with Visor is the ideal scooter helmet for all your activities.

Mongoose Electric Scooter Helmet

The Mongoose scooter helmet is designed to fit snuggly while you ride and offers an adjustable chin strap for ultimate versatility. Not only is this helmet able to fit sizes from 56cm to 59cm, it offers 12 breathable vents, so even in the hottest of weather, you can reduce sweating in the helmet and hat hair that comes with it. The Mongoose is rated for stunt biking and skateboarding, so it is surely among the safest options for your e-scooter needs too (including mobility scooter).

Lightweight Kids and Adults Scooter Helmet

Look great while you ride along in your scooter with the Lightweight Skateboard Kids and Adult Helmet. This helmet is ideal for high endurance activities with a sleek and stylish design. The adjustable chin strap and ultra comfortable padding help the helmet fit tight to your head without feeling confining. Specially designed to fit 58cm to 61cm, the Lightweight Skateboard Kids and Adult Hemet is ideal for virtually any head size.

Triple 8 Brainsaver EPS Unisex Rubber Helmet

With the Triple 8 Brainsaver EPS Unisex Rubber Helmet, you get the choice of 7 colors all in sizes ranging from XS to S, so you can easily find the perfect style for your needs. This helmet is not just a pretty face, but one that will truly protect your head from injury in the event of an accident. Expanded Polystrene for the inner material offers ultimate comfort while Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene offers ultimate protection. Get ideal protection and comfort with the Triple 8 Brainsaver EPS Unisex Rubber Helmet.

Excluscky Adult Bike Helmet with Rechargeable

The Excluscky Adult Bike Helmet with Rechargeable USB Safety Light offers a variety of attributes that are perfect for the mobility scooter user or any electric scooter. First, the helmet is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of head sizes and is designed to remain comfortable throughout the day. Additionally, the helmet features a reinforced PC shell and shock absorbing EPS interior core for maximum protection. The addition of a USB safety light ensures you can be seen by others during the day or in the evening adding to your personal protection.

ROLLGAN Multipurpose Tough Helmet for Scooter

Finding the right fit with the Rollagan Multipurpose Tough Sports Black Helmet SPSC is easy with small, medium, and large sizes to choose form. Not only will you be able to find your perfect fit, but adjustable straps and a natural bowl design help the helmet fit snuggly and naturally you the head. The design features 11 available vents to keep your head cool and properly ventilated all day long.

Loogu Adjustable helmet for Scooter

A custom fit is the ideal option for any electric scooter (including mobility scooter) rider looking for the right helmet for their personal safety. The Loogu Adjustable Skateboard Skate helmet offers the ability to have a custom fit without the customization expense. This helmet is offered in 3 colors and 3 sizes to choose from ranging from youth to adult, so no matter your cranial size, you can find your ideal fit. Additionally, shock absorption is provided from high intensity EPS foam for the interior and an ABS impact resistant shell. Ventilation throughout the helmet helps your head stay cool and avoid sweating on even the longest of rides, so if you are looking for a great helmet for your mobility scooter adventures, this might be the perfect one.

Adjustable Protective Helmet for Scooter

The ideal electric scooter helmet does not have to be a huge expense, the UniqueFit Kids and Adult Helmet provides ultimate protection on an affordable format. Not only is this one of the more affordable helmets, it also comes in a wide range of colors to choose from, so you can match it to your style or even your mobility scooter. A soft sponge EPS inner lining provides ultimate comfort while the ABS outer shell protects your head from potential damage during an impact. Comfort and protection in one convenient package is what you can expect from the UniqueFit Kids and Adult Helmet.

Electric scooter helmet with lights

PANK URBAN MOBILITY Helmet for electric scooter

This Matt-gray scooter helmet by Pank Urban Mobility is CE EN 1078, CPSC certified and is fully adjustable to fit the size of your head. It comes in medium and large sizes suitable for adults and size small for children. There is an LED safety light on the rear of the helmet that you can set to continuous, intermittent, and dynamic light to help you be seen while riding at night or low-light levels.

XJD Adult Bike and Scooter Helmet

This unisex adult scooter helmet is fully adjustable, breathable and comfortable to wear. It has a safety rear light on the helmet that is USB rechargeable. The safety light has three modes, normal, rapid flash and slow flash, that will help vehicles see you from behind. The helmet has eight airflow vents positioned aerodynamically to keep your head cool without causing any drag. It is made from impact-resistant material that is also scratch proof.

PHZ Bicycle/Scooter Helmet with Safety LED Light

The PHZ bike and scooter helmet are made from a solid and durable EPS material that is lightweight and comfortable to wear. The helmet comes with reflective strips for improved visibility and an LED rear light with three modes: continuous, slow and fast flashing. The helmet is fully adjustable, unisex and is for adult wear. It has ventilation grids and antibacterial lining, and removable padding for comfort.

Uwyelect Bike/Scooter Helmet with LED Light and Detachable Visor

This e-scooter and bike safety helmet comes in an adjustable 54cm to 62cm size to fit men, women and teenagers. The helmet is made from high-density EPS materials with a thicker PC shell for added safety. The helmet has a detachable visor and an adjustable dial system, and side straps for a comfortable fit. The rear of the helmet is fitted with LED lights with three modes to help you be seen by vehicles and people behind you.

Electric scooter helmet with visor

West Escape - Electric Scooter Helmet with Visor

This sleek, matt-black unisex helmet is fitted with a retractable sun visor to make riding your scooter safe and more comfortable in sunny weather. The visor is fully retractable, sitting inside the helmet when not in use. The helmet comes with an adjustable chin strap to aid a good fit. The chin strap is fitted with a quick-release clip to make removing your helmet quick and easy.

EASTINEAR Cycle/Scooter Helmet with Magnetic Goggles Sun Visor

This stylish bike and E-scooters helmet comprises a tough and durable PC shell lined with high-density EPS foam. The sun visor has detachable goggles that provide the rider with wrap-around sun and weather protection. Great for keeping the sun, wind, rain and sand out of your eyes while riding.

King lead Adjustable Cycle/Scooter Helmet with Detachable Magnetic Goggles

A sleek and stylish cycle and scooter helmet that is CE Certified and is made from solid and durable PC&EPS foam. The helmet uses an integrated moulding system that seamlessly joins the foam lining to the polycarbonate shell. This helmet model comes with a unique magnetic goggles/visor shield design. You can use the visor for ultraviolet sun protection or protect your eyes from dust, wind and sand.

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